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Workshops and Events

Online Everywhere - UK London and Other Locations

Overview – True Self Systems Workshops


Family Constellations

Discover how the past shapes your present: enquire into your ancestors, shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues


Trauma Sensitive Breathwork

Healing your inner child: embodied healing practices and the neuroscience of trauma 


The Wheel of Consent

Communicating your desires, needs and boundaries: embodied consent practice, cutting edge relationship agreement model

Current Workshops – Booking Now

Family Constellations on Zoom Workshops

With Rose C Jiggens and Abi Berger. An evening of collective enquiry supporting participants to shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues, monthly most of the year.

Communicating Desires, Needs and Boundaries in All Your Relationships

Introduction to the Wheel of Consent Workshops: embodied consent practice and cutting edge relationship agreement model. Rose C Jiggens and Rupert J Alison, Zoom.

Upcoming Workshops – Booking Soon

Healing Your Inner Child Workshops

Embodied Healing Practices and the Neuroscience of Trauma. Available as a live Zoom workshops or Video Course due early 2021, by Rose C Jiggens.

Previous Workshops – Dates TBC

What Happens Before Touch Happens?

Practicing our ability to communicate about touch, a 3 hour Wheel of Consent Workshop on Zoom. With Rose C Jiggens and Rupert J Alison.


Coronavirus Update

All my work is taking place online in response to Coronavirus safety measures. Here is some extra information about individual sessions online, please sign up to my mailing list to hear about further developments.

I look forward to hearing from you, Rose.

1. Origins: where do you come from?

Discover how the past shapes your present and free your true self

Family Constellations Therapy

2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy

3. Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?

Pleasure explorations for embodied souls

Consent, Touch & Neo-Tantra Teachings

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners