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The Wheel of Consent,

An In-Person Weekend Workshop, London UK,
For Clearer Communication in All Areas of Life.

The Wheel of Consent Weekend Workshop

Rose and Rupert are delighted to offer our first in-person Wheel of Consent weekend workshop for over two years!

The Wheel of Consent is a model of relating which brings greater confidence, responsibility and freedom to our relationships in all areas of life: with work colleagues, with friends and family, and in our most intimate relationships.

The Wheel uniquely asks two questions which can be applied to many interactions in life: who is doing something and who is the action for? 

Asking these two questions together creates four dynamics – or ‘quadrants’ – each of which has a different flavour and requires a different type of consent agreement to be made. This is the central insight of the Wheel of Consent, from which many consequences and insights flow.

We can practice experiencing each of the Wheel’s four quadrants, discovering which of them feel comfortable and which feel unfamiliar, enabling us to clarify our desires, needs and boundaries, and shining a light on our blind-spots.

We see how our conditioning might have closed down or distorted our expression of these qualities, and how we can use the Wheel as a practice to open them up again.


What Will We Be Doing?​

  • You will be taught the principles of the Wheel of Consent, based around asking the questions: ‘Who is doing?’ and ‘Who is it for?’
  • You will be invited into the solo practice, ‘Waking the Hands’.  This is the foundation of the Wheel as an embodied practice, bringing more awareness to our sense of touch, and the feelings and responses which arise from it.
  • There will be opportunities to experience each of the four quadrants by optionally sharing some simple, guided touch with other participants, limited to the hand and fore-arm.

Who is the Wheel of Consent Workshop For?

  • Anyone interested in gaining a conceptual and embodied understanding of the Wheel of Consent.
  • Anyone wanting to learn a new consent model for clearer communication in all areas of life.
  • Anyone interested in gently and gradually exploring their embodied conditioning around touch and communicating about touch
  • Anyone interested in learning new techniques for regulating the nervous system.​

​Important information: You do not have to touch, or be touched by anyone else to take part in this workshop.  We will always provide alternatives to any shared touch.

Slowing down, paying close attention, and noticing that we have a choice, are far more important than any actual ‘doing’.

People of all genders, orientations, and relationship status are welcome.  You are welcome to book on your own, or with a friend(s) or partner(s).

If you book with partners/friends, you may choose to work mainly or solely with them if you prefer, during any paired exercises.

Spaces are limited to 12 participants to ensure we have time and space to respond to individual questions.

Practical Details:

Facilitators: Rupert James Alison & Rose C Jiggens


  • Sat 2nd April: 10.30am – 6pm
  • Sun 3rd April: 10.30am – 5pm

Venue: Hackney, East London.  The venue has a kitchen and private garden we can use during breaks, and internal stairs.


  • £220 (supportive)
  • £200 (regular)
  • £180 (low-income)
  • £160 (supported)

Paying the supportive rate allows us to enable people on low incomes to attend. Places at the two lower rates are limited, please pay the most you can afford. Payments are 100% refundable with four weeks’ notice and 50% refundable with two weeks’ notice.

COVID:  Unless the situation changes before April, we will be asking all participants to take a lateral flow test both the day before and the first morning of the workshop, and not to attend if either test is positive.

We also ask that you do not attend if you have any Covid-like symptoms.  Mask-wearing will be optional, both during the teaching sessions and during the breaks. Your facilitators will not be wearing masks while teaching.

To book please complete the workshop booking request form.

Do follow the link if you have any questions or are thinking about booking and we look forward to hearing from you!


Rose and Rupert.