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True Self Systems

Our true selves live in beauty together

Therapies, guidance & practical support for true self living

Rose C Jiggens

I am Rose C Jiggens: your true self guide, destination you! I offer sessions in London and online in the following:

1. Family Constellation Therapy
2. Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy
3. Somatic Sex Therapy
4. Soul Energy Optimisation
5. Death & the Mysteries

To discover more about these please read on below:

1. Origins: who are your ancestors?

Ancestral detective work: solve your most intractable life issues

Family Constellations Therapy

2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy

3. Embodied erotic: what's your pleasure?

Therapeutic and educative pleasure explorations

Somatic Sex Therapy

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Practitioner mentoring, constellations, DIY websites, SEO

Soul Energy Optimisation

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I am Rose: your true self guide!

What qualifies me to lead you? Well, I value transparency so here is my CV>>.

Overall though, this work is the fruit of my 47 years and counting, and perhaps a few other lifetimes too.

True self systems is a container for the different modalities I offer as a true self guide. I call my work true self because at it’s heart lies one fundamental enquiry – who are you?

About Rose C Jiggens: her story

True self: coming home

Bring any questions about relationships, sexuality, creativity, work, money or soul purpose. I teach practical skills for your intentions.

I also support in depth existential and therapeutic enquiry, calling you home.

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What's with all the animals!

Around this site you will find many pictures of animals. They are endangered species or animals I relate to as spirit guides. They are a reminder of both beauty and loss.

They are a call to actualise as a sacred humans, exercising our power in service to beauty and purpose.

5. Death and the mysteries: what happens when we die?

Making space for death and grieving engages us with the mystery of life:

It’s tempting to convey my work to you through the lens of different therapies, however the unfolding mystery of each moment transcends any system.

Follow the link below, for themes that don't fit neatly elsewhere on my website.

Death & the mysteries: what happens when we die?