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True Self Systems

Come home to your true self

Because the Earth is our home

True Self Systems

Therapeutic systems that call people home to their true self. Sessions in London and online for individuals, couples and groups.

Rose C Jiggens

Rose C Jiggens is your true self guide, destination you! Fostering individuals and community towards a tribe of earth lovers.

1. Origins: where do you come from?

Discover how the past shapes your present and free your true self

Family Constellations Therapy

2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy

3. Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?

Therapeutic & educative pleasure explorations for embodied souls

Consent, Touch & Neo-Tantra Teachings

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Mentoring to unite what do best with the people you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners

True self systems: coming home

True Self Systems is an umbrella for therapies that support your true self enquiry.

Bring your questions about relationships, sexuality, creativity, money or purpose!

This website was born in 2019 gathering two decades of study and professional practice.

I am Rose: your true self guide!

I call my work true self because at it’s heart lies one fundamental enquiry: who are you?

I support personal and transpersonal enquiry, calling you home to your true self.

I mentor and teach practical skills too, for birthing your true self into the world, here is my CV.

What's with all the animals?

Whatever our narratives about it, we live in an era of mass extinction and climate crisis.

The animals shown include endangered species, speaking of their beauty and loss.

They point towards aligning power with service to this beautiful planet.

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