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True Self Systems

Therapeutic and educative systems

calling you home to your true self

True Self Systems

Therapeutic and educative systems calling you home to your true self. Individual sessions and groups in London UK and on Zoom.

Rose C Jiggens

Rose C Jiggens is your true self guide, gathering the best healing and transformational tools, guiding and educating others since 2000.

1. Ancestors: how does the past shape you?

Shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues with constellations

Ancestral Healing Using Family Constellations

2. Healing your inner child: who are you?

Embodied therapy and learning for healing your inner child

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork & Transforming Touch

3. Embodied delight: what's your pleasure?

Heal your relationship with pleasure using the Wheel of Consent®

Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent®

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people who you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners


Sessions on Zoom

Working on Zoom together can be just as effective as seeing me in person. I have many methods to support insights and healing arising through your whole body and being. We can just use Zoom or you can travel to visit me in person periodically. See my Therapy in East London home page for more info.

True self systems: coming home

True Self Systems is an umbrella for therapies that support your true self enquiry.

Bring any question, including relationships, sexuality, creativity, purpose or more.

This website was born in 2019 gathering two decades of study and professional practice.

I am Rose: your true self guide!

I call my work true self because at its heart lies the guidance to be yourself.

I support personal and transpersonal enquiry, calling you home to your true self.

I also teach practical skills for birthing your true self into the world.

What's with all the animals?

Whatever our narratives about it, we live in an era of mass extinction and climate crisis.

This is the context in which we seek to live our lives, find meaning, purpose and joy.

The animal gaze invites us into a bigger picture in SO many ways, thats why they are here.