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The Wheel of Consent

A Two Part Online Workshop
The Wheel of Consent, a Two Part Online Workshop Banner.

The Wheel of Consent Next Dates:

Weds 15th & Weds 22nd March,

7pm – 9pm GMT on Zoom.

What Is The Wheel of Consent?

The Wheel of Consent is a model of relating which brings more authenticity, responsibility, confidence and freedom to our relationships in all areas of life: with work colleagues, with friends and family, and in our most intimate relationships.

The Wheel uniquely distinguishes between the ‘doing’ aspect of an interaction: who is doing? – and the ‘gift’ aspect: who is it for? Asking these two questions together creates four dynamics or ‘quadrants’, each of which has a different flavour and requires a different type of consent agreement to be made. This is the central insight of the Wheel of Consent, from which many consequences and insights flow.

We can understand and experience each of the Wheel’s four quadrants, discovering which feel comfortable and which feel unfamiliar, enabling us to identify and communicate our desires, needs and boundaries more clearly. We see how our personal history may have inhibited our expression of some of the quadrants, and how we can use the Wheel as a practice to open them up again.

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Wheel of Consent Workshop Content

In this two part workshop we will focus on the the following core teachings of the Wheel of Consent:

  • How the Wheel of Consent relates to – and goes beyond – other models of consent
  • Understanding the four quadrants of the Wheel, based around asking the questions: ‘Who is doing?’ and ‘Who is it for?’. Learning to recognise the quadrants in all areas of life, including during intimate touch.
  • A solo practice called ‘Waking the Hands’, to increase our embodied awareness, down-regulate the nervous system, and awaken greater sensitivity to touch.
  • Demonstrations of how to experience all four quadrants using a simple touch game. We will provide instructions for how to play this game afterwards with friends, family or a partner.

Participants will also receive some suggestions for activities during the week between the first and second session. This will include a recommended daily waking the hands practice.

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Who is this workshop for?

​This workshop could be for you if:

  • You want to learn a best-practice method for clearer and more authentic communication in all areas of life.
  • You would like to improve your ability to express your desires, needs and boundaries in intimate relationships.
  • You are interested in gently and gradually exploring your embodied conditioning around touch
  • You would like to learn a new technique for self-regulating your nervous system.
  • You are curious about attending an in-person Wheel of Consent workshop, and would like to learn more about the Wheel before deciding.
  • The online format and/or timing of this course works well for you.

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Workshop Format

We will be offering this 2-session workshop on the Zoom platform. There will be time for solo practice, some webinar style presentation of content, demonstrations of the Wheel of Consent as a practice, and plenty of opportunities for asking questions and sharing about your experience, either verbally or using the chatbox. You are free to participate in the way which suits you. There will be no use of breakout rooms in this workshop, and you can choose to have your camera on or off. The workshop will not be recorded.

Shortly before the workshop, we will send out joining instructions to participants, which will include details of how to access Zoom.

To enquire further about the workshop content, please email or

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Your Wheel of Consent Facilitators

​Rupert J Alison – The Art of Consent

Rupert loves to facilitate explorations of what happens when we deepen our embodied awareness of consent. He has many years’ experience teaching consent and intimacy practices to groups, and is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin’s School of Consent. He is currently teaching an ongoing series of consent workshops for students at Cambridge University.

Rose C Jiggens – True Self Systems

I work in caring and collaborative ways, offering talk & somatic (embodied) therapies, supporting you towards insights and growth. I combine pragmatic, evidence based approaches with transpersonal dimensions such as “soul” and “ancestry”. People approaching me often seek something beyond talking therapy – “something more embodied” that welcomes whatever dimensions of self they consider to be important.

For further details of Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, see The School of Consent.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions and/or feel called to join us…

Rupert & Rose


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