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Family Constellations on Zoom

Monthly Family Constellations Workshops Online

Family Constellations Workshops on Zoom:

An evening of collective enquiry, supporting participants to shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues – with Rose C Jiggens – True Self Systems and Abi Berger – Healing Constellations.

About Family Constellations:

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach for healing psychological pain, originated by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It recognises that individual humans exist within a myriad of systems, mostly made up of other individuals and wider shaping forces: e.g. the biological family or the workplace.

We all have blind spots meaning we act in ways which inadvertently create undesirable outcomes. Family Constellations illuminates how these blind spots may have their roots in past events and previous generations. Some of the stories will be handed down to us and we know them: our actions in the present can also be influenced by stories we don’t consciously know about.

A constellation can help reveal these “entanglements” with the past and support healing to take place.

Your Family Constellations Workshop facilitators:

Individually we have long experienced the beneficial impact of constellations on our own personal and professional journeys. We met in 2017 and graduated together from a two year practitioner training with Robert Rowland Smith and Nicola Dunn. Coming from different professional spheres – Abi is a GP and Rose a holistic therapist – we share a group constellation practice utilising our diverse professional skills and personal qualities.

What Happens in a Family Constellations Workshop?

Each session is around six people: we offer information at the beginning to help everyone settle in and sometimes a short exercise introducing a topic too. Then we facilitate one or two constellations: someone brings a question (they are the ‘issue holder’) and the rest of the group supports an exploration of it – some by representing elements of the issue discussed.

You don’t need any prior experience for either role: issue holders and representatives are chosen on the evening and both roles can offer up valuable experiences.

Family Constellations Workshop Pricing:

We have a sliding scale to support inclusivity, choose the rate appropriate to your circumstances:

Higher rate – £20
Average rate – £15
Lower rate – £10

Zoom links: will be sent the morning of the session.

Timings: please “arrive” at 6.55pm for a 7pm start, we will end at 9pm

Cancellations: If you cancel a booked place more than 48 hours beforehand, we will refund your payment in full. If the session has to be cancelled, everyone will be reimbursed in full

Family Constellations Workshops 2021 Dates:

  • Weds February 10th
  • Weds  March 17th
  • Weds  April 21st
  • Weds  May 26th
  • Thurs July 1st

(Further dates in the year to be confirmed)

Family Constellations Next Steps:

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2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

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3. Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?

Pleasure explorations for embodied souls

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4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

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