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True Self Systems

Body oriented enquiry and healing,

For when you want more than ‘just talking’.


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Rose C Jiggens

Rose is a therapist and educator in Hackney, East London. Rose supports adults with a wide range of enquiries using: Family Constellations, Trauma Sensitive Breathwork, TEB: Transforming Touch® and The Wheel of Consent®. For more information on each of these approaches, read on below.

Family & Systemic Constellations

Sometimes the origins of issues lie in previous generations. You may know something about your ancestors or nothing at all, or perhaps you feel perplexed about the origins of a problem. Constellations can open up new perspectives and inner resources, supporting questions about relationships, career decisions, creative projects and many other things.

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Inner Child Healing: Trauma Sensitive Breathwork

These sessions provide a supportive container in which to build a better relationship with your body and emotions, beginning with your breath. Noticing what’s happening in your body in relation to current events can reveal unintegrated experiences from the past; inner child healing supports greater compassion for all of your parts.

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TEB: Transforming Touch® 

TEB is an innovative trauma informed approach developed by Stephen Terrell, one of the worlds leading developmental trauma experts. It addresses a range of persistent difficulties such as fear, anxiety, depression and addictions. It builds a felt sense of safety in your body by addressing the physiology underlying nervous system dysregulation, using touch or somatic mindfulness.

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The Wheel of Consent® (aka The Wheel)

The Wheel is an experiential educational approach to consent agreements, developed by Sexologist Dr. Betty Martin. Through clothed embodiment and touch practices, you learn to notice and communicate about your desires, limits and boundaries. It can be a good approach when your enquiry relates to relationships, pleasure or communicating your boundaries.


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Getting Started

We identify if and how we can best work together through an initial free 25 minute telephone conversation: alternatively an initial hour session may be needed to establish where to begin. Subsequent sessions focus on one approach at a time, enabling clear agreement frameworks.


Location & Fees

I work online or in person from Hackney Therapy and A Balanced Life Counselling and Alternative Therapies in Hackney Wick. Sessions are 1 to 2 hours depending on approach and frequency. Sliding scale fees of £60 / £70 / £80 per hour for in person sessions, choose according to your ability to pay.

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Rose C Jiggens portrait shot

Some Background

Its good to check the detail to know you are in a safe pair of hands for your journey, so here is some background.

I am a certified practitioner of Family Constellations, Rebirthing Breathwork and a facilitator in training for the Wheel of Consent. I have undertaken CPD hours to bring greater trauma sensitivity to my whole practice; Transforming the Experience Based Brain (TEB) is a trauma informed and specific modality.

I am a member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists and adhere to the ASIS code of ethics. My practice is insured by BGI. I have regular supervision with Psychotherapist DK Green and attend group case consults with Austin Attachment Center to support my TEB sessions.

For more information about my background please visit my training and experience page.