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My Working Hours

(All Subject to Availability):

In person Sessions: A Balanced Life – ABL Hackney Wick, East London E9 5ER:

  • Mondays 9am – 9pm
  • Tuesdays 9am – 3pm

I offer occasional sessions at ABL on other weekdays when the space is free (usually before 9.30am). In person sessions draw to a close 10 minutes before the end of the time you have booked. This is a standard “therapeutic hour” practice which allows me time to:

  • refresh the room (and myself) before you arrive
  • write up your notes after you leave
  • reduces risk you will bump into the next person I am seeing

 Sessions on Zoom & Free 20 Minute Call:

  • Wednesdays 9am – 9pm
  • Thursdays 9am – 9pm
  • Fridays 9am – 5pm

Zoom sessions draw to a close 5 minutes before the end of the time you have booked as I need less turnaround time between these. For prices and other FAQs please read on below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are sessions?

I have a sliding hourly price scale, please read "how do I choose which rate to pay?" too.

Online Sessions

  • Higher income - £80 per hour
  • Middle income - £70 per hour
  • Average income - £60 per hour
  • Low income - £50 per hour
  • Financial hardship - £40 per hour

Sessions in person

In person sessions are offered at ABL DayHab, Hackney Wick, East London UK. Due to the cost of therapy room hire, the average rate is higher for in person sessions.

  • Middle & Higher incomes - £80 per hour
  • Average income - £70 per hour
  • Low income & financial hardship - £60 per hour
How do I choose which rate to pay?

How much should I earn for each rate?

I don’t specify income bands because so many other factors vary such as:

  • Number of dependents
  • The presence or absence of family support
  • The cushion of property ownership
  • Local and global variations in the cost of living

Please assess your own income relative to your local economy, taking into account the factors named above.

Low & financial hardship rates

Please be aware that unfortunately more people ask for the two lower rates than I am able to take on, so these are by application only. Here are some of the factors that I take into consideration:

  • How suitable my work seems for you
  • My current availability of low rate sessions
  • Intersectionality factors e.g. LGBTQI, GSRD, BIPoC
  • Disability or chronic illness
  • Exchange rates between the UK and your local currency
  • Your income relative to your local economy
  • Global inequalities

Please say something about your circumstances and why you are applying for the lower rates when booking.

How long are sessions?
  • If you see me weekly - I recommend 1 hour, some prefer 1.5 hours.
  • If you see me fortnightly - I recommend a 1.5 hour session, some prefer 1 hour.
  • For single or infrequent sessions - I recommend 1.5 hours.
  • Shorter and longer sessions are availble by negotiation, please enquire stating your preference.
How do I know which therapy to choose?

Sometimes which therapy to use is really clear. This maybe because you have experienced a range of healing modalities enabling you to be really clear about where to go next. Or it maybe because during the intake process, you offer a piece of information that makes it really clear to me which tool in my toolkit will be most useful to your enquiry.

Sometimes it is not so clear either to you or to me where to begin. This is where an orientation session is really useful as it gives you chance to experience some of the ways that I work. It also offers me more time to explore your enquiry in depth out of which I can make a recommendation for a plan of work.

How many sessions do I need to have?
  • Some people really benefit from a single standalone session or a very short series. This works well for illuminating a single standalone issues or questions. Single sessions are appropriate for a constellation (though constellations work can be ongoing too) or an educational piece.
  • Single sessions don't allow for building a container of relationship to facilitate attachment, ruptures and repair. Healing your inner child (trauma sensitive breathwork and TEB) generally benefit from an ongoing container of relationship to be effective.
  • I often work with people across more substantial periods of time, e.g. one year+ of seeing me weekly or fortnightly. This has the benefit of building a strong relational container through which we can safely access deeper material for transformation.
  • A programme of work might combine in person and online sessions.
  • In longer ongoing work I often interchangeably use several modalities, in partnership and negotiation with your needs as they change.
Availability, payments and cancellations.

Hours & availability

  • I don't offer same day sessions.
  • In general I have a waiting time of anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon when you are trying to book.
  • Weekday office hours tend to have the highest availability.

All booking and cancellation terms are described here:

Additional terms for regular (i.e. weekly or fortnightly) session slots:

About every 8 - 10 weeks I take a holiday, up to 8 weeks per year. I will let you know in advance when those dates are and ask if you want to reschedule your session to another time, or skip a session.

If you need to take breaks: you can do so within the terms of my 48 hours cancellation notice and for up to 8 weeks per year. If you need more than 8 weeks break in the year, depending upon my wait list I may need to assign your slot to another client.

How do I know you are a safe and ethical practitioner?

Overall ethical guidelines

I have regular supervision and hold public liability insurance with BGI UK. You can see exactly what I studied and with whom, by reading my training and experience page. I am a member of ASIS and uphold it's code of ethics, it also has a complaints process.

Other memberships: I am also a facilitator (soon to be certified!) with the School of Consent. I am currently building a practitioner circle for membership of the Independent Practitioners Network. My circle is called Plurilium and who is in it / our ethics statement and complaints process will be published soon.

Here are some important areas of the ASIS code of ethics:

Section 1 and 3:
You can expect me to behave in a professional manner, to conduct responsible relationships with a care to do no harm. You can expect me to be reliable in agreements forged. I recognise the importance of consent and provide a range of options for you, from which you can elect to chose to best serve your growth. At no time will you be required or coerced to participate in any activity, event or exercise.

Section 5 a-f:
Sessions are client centered and clients' boundaries are of primary importance. I understand the imbalance of power between practitioners and clients or students. I hold a care not to use that power imbalance for exploitation of any kind. Sessions are not a vehicle by which romantic sexual connection is fulfilled, either my own or that of my clients. I do not have any sexual connection with clients outside of sessions.

Please see also what happens in a session.

What happens in a session?

This is a brief summary of what happens in each session type for your ease of comparison:

Family Constellations Therapy

You will be asked to complete a family tree form prior to your session (this is optional). We will spend some time talking about your themes. We will then 'constellate' using your inner vision, floor markers or small figures. I will teach you how to do this so don't worry, I have several methods and there is a right one for everybody! 

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork Therapy

Where relevant I may ask you to complete a form requesting information about your birth. We will spend some time talking about your themes and then explore them more deeply by bringing attention to your body and your breath while you remain seated in your chair. Unlike other breathwork practices (e.g. holotropic) I don't use loud music and I don't ask you to lie down.

TEB: Transforming Touch & Intentional Touch:

In an introductory session I will offer you a short teaching, so you can understand how transforming touch (and intentional touch) works. We will talk about your themes and collboratively identify the things you want to transform. I will describe to you the pattern of touch and ask your permission to continue. In an intro session, the transforming touch may last 15 - 20 mins. In subsequent sessions it may last as long as 40 minutes.

Transforming touch: you lie on a massage table - clothed - and under a blanket if you like. I place my hands for 1 - 6 minutes to connect with areas of your body such as your kidney adrenals or brainstem. This is called the 7 point protocol. In time we will add 'enhancements' to this, which may include guided movements relating to primitive reflexe integration.

Transforming intentional touch: we move through the 7 point protocol and any enhancements 'intentionally'. I don't touch you, but guide the process with my voice. E.g. "I am bringing my attention now to support your kidney adrenals".

Throughout the whole process - you may opt to remain silent or continue to talk and share what is emerging for you. I will engage with the process as it unfolds for you, bringing guideance and support.

The Wheel of Consent

When learning online as an individual you will be taught solo embodied practices such as Awaken the Hands and Wheel of Consent theory too. For a description of in person sessions that include touch, please see the section Touch and Consent below. Please note that whilst these sessions include touch and discussions about desire, they do not include unclothed or sexual touch. 

Soul Energy Optimisation

My work with practitioners is a mixture of practical guidance and transformational enquiry, to unite what you do best with those whom you best serve. We can use constellations or breathwork to transform blocks in your working life. Or I can guide you to develop your own branding and website, so sessions will be much more practically orientated e.g. developing design and logo, writing copy, learning how to DIY your own website.

Touch and Consent

Elements of my work may include touch - here is a summary of when / where / how:

  1. Family Constellations - the only / most likely kind of touch is hand on your shoulder to support regulation, or to embody the supportive presence of an element of the constellation. I will make a simple request or statement first.
  2. Trauma Sensitive Breathwork - my baseline is to begin with seated sessions where any touch comes from your own hands, e.g. a hand on your chest or your stomache to feel the movement of your breath. Breath coaching in subsequent sessions may include more touch. e.g. my hands on the back and front of your chest so you can breathe and feel the space in between.
  3. TEB: transforming touch follows a specific protocol that is described to you before beginning, touch follows a permission request.
  4. The Wheel of Consent Sessions - receiving clothed non sexual touch, either seated or on a massage table, maybe part of this work. From Dr. Betty Martins website, here is a video of how the seated touch would look (take / allow dynamic), and here is what the table work would look like.
Your data and privacy

Contacting me:


All booking and email enquiry forms go to, this is a Protonmail account which I use for session correnspondence, protecting sensitive personal data with high privacy and encryption protocols.

Only I have access to this account and read these messages. Should I have need of administrative assitance at any point as my business grows, anyone opening these emails will be announced as a team member in advance.

Mailchimp is the bulk mailer that I use for my newsletters, so if you sign up to my mailing list you contact data is stored there, you can unsubscribe at any time and I will NEVER pass on your contact data to any third parties.

You have to opt in to my emailing list via my website (or tick "yes" in the booking or contact form), I don't automatically add clients or workshop participants.


Having your phone number is useful in case of emergency, e.g. if I am unable to make your session. Or if Zoom fails we have a backup way of speaking. I will never telephone or message you except in these circumstances.

I will also request an emergency phone number from you (optional). Again I will only use this in exceptional circumstances, e.g. if you have a medical emergency during a session, or you miss several booked sessions and I am concerned regarding your wellbeing.

Sessions and workshops

Confidentialty and privacy

Everything you say in sessions to me is confidential. As is good practice I have a supervisor Mr DK Green Psycotherapy and Counselling. To give you the best experience possible my practice and all that happens in it is subject to scrutiny in supervision sessions.

There are rare circumstances that necessitate legal disclosure in therapeutic professsions, these are well discussed in these BACP guidelines here (NB I am not BACP registered but refer to them as guidelines for ethical practice).

For online sessions and workshops I use Zoom as the best widely available and used video communcation tool for individuals and groups. For those who prefer higher digital privacy protocols I am available for (individual not group) video sessions on Signal

I don't record sessions (either in person or online) and I request that clients do not record sessions without my permission either. Sometimes if a particularly valuable insight has been reached, we might negotiate and decide together to hit record (either on Zoom if we are online or on your phone in person) and capture the insight.

I keep paper notes, they never have your full name or contact details on, I put an identifier which only will make sense to me. They contain a drawing of your family tree (if you have filled in the family tree form), and a few notes from some sessions, just key moments that I want to be able to recall. You can request to look at them anytime, that is your right and I will share them with you, but they are handwritten swiftly and often only make sense to me!

Some people work with me ongoing over long periods of time, others do a short piece of work then leave. Its good if I know whether you are hitting pause or stop on our work, at which point I will destroy your notes.

The same is true of any email correspondence that we have shared. For now I don't have a protocol around timespans within which I will delete email correspondence with clients, I will update here when I do.


A disclaimer, please read:

In booking a session you understand and agree to the following:

None of the work I undertake has a scientific or medical evidence base. Whilst every effort has been made to create a safe environment for you, you also agree to undertake this work at your own risk.

You agree to be reponsible for your own wellbeing, including checking in advance with suitable practitioners if this work is suitable for you. This might include:

  • Your medical practitioner / GP / doctor
  • Any psychiatric or mental health practitioners you are under the care of

If you are booking from the USA

The definition of "therapy" used on this website accords with the common language usage of that term in the UK. Therapy in the UK denotes a rande of holistic practices that support people to experience greater well-being.

I undertake no clinically or medically evidenced practices and all services offered are for entertainment purposes only.