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Healing your inner child


Therapeutic and embodied enquiry to heal your inner child



Rose C Jiggens a therapist and educator offering Family Constellations, Trauma Sensitive Breathwork, Transforming Touch® and Wheel of Consent®.



Therapy in East London: near Hackney, Stoke Newington, Clapton & Dalston, 12 mins train to Liverpool Street Station. Warwick Works E5 8QJ.



Sessions online using Zoom: embodied, therapeutic and educative enquiry: elicit deep insights from your whole being, more than "just talking".



Healing your inner child sessions are typically 1 to 1.5 hours long, depending upon frequency, recommendation and preference.



Sliding scale of fees: higher rates that support inclusivity, lower rates by application. Go to the FAQ's page for more information.



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What is Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork therapy as a tool for psychological enquiry and emotional release, has been developing since the 1960’s.

Early events create subconscious beliefs that are reflected in and maintained by our breath. For example a shallow breathing pattern may reflect a core belief that “the world is not safe enough place for me to breathe fully or be heard”.

Shallow or irregular breathing patterns seen in the present, often formed at a time when we did not feel safe in the past. Unconscious breathing patterns can continue to lock unsafe feelings into our bodies, long after painful past events.

Breathwork practices such as Rebirthing Breathwork (which I qualified in) or Holotropic Breathwork, have traditionally used intensive and cathartic breathing patterns, to try to heal and release past traumas.

Our understanding of trauma has evolved since breathwork was first developed. We now know intense process work can overwhelm an already dysregulated nervous system. However as trauma expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk says “the body keeps the score” – to heal we sometimes need more than ‘just talking’.

Engaging our whole breath still can offer a direct line of enquiry into our bodies: allowing us to see ‘what is’ and to heal. Titration and regulation are the keys that allow our breath to feel safe enough, to gradually unfurl and deepen.

    What is a Trauma Sensitive approach to Breathwork?

    Regulation first – a regulation first approach means being supported to notice and trust our nervous systems and what they tell us about what we feel safe and ready to do.

    A parts approach – ‘parts’ refer to aspects of our psyche (and physiology) that evolved in response to difficult experiences. Vulnerable parts within often have ‘protectors’: other parts that guard or shame vulnerability. I work from the perspective that there are no bad parts: taking time to take a deep breath is not ‘resistance’, our breath will unfurl when all of us feels safe to do so.

    Co-regulation – our inner child parts are trapped in the painful events of the past, because no one was there to comfort and soothe us when bad things happened. Therapeutic presence and relationship are essential to healing our wounded inner children.

    Trauma specific – psycho education and somatic practices such as orienting, titration and pendulation help create safety so that – where appropriate – we can revisit and not relive formative events from the past.

    Integrating co-regulation – therapeutic relationship and embodied practices: together these can help us reparent our inner child. Compassionate enquiry and self care can (in time) can become become the basis of our inner relationships, when we have enough nervous system regulation on board.


    TEB: Transforming Touch® a Somatic Therapy.

    Trauma Sensitive Breathwork works well where there is just enough underlying nervous system regulation to support inner enquiry. In the absence of this turning our attention within can feel too overwhelming, in which case we need to prioritise bringing greater nervous system regulation first.

    There is a growing movement that recognises the power of touch to support the healing of trauma. I am one of only a few practitioners in the UK offering TEB: Transforming Touch® – a somatic therapy supporting the healing of developmental trauma.

    Transforming Touch® in London UK

    TEB: Transforming Touch® has been developed by Stephen Terrell one of the world leading experts on developmental trauma.

    It is an innovative biophysiological approach, designed to build a felt sense of trust and safety in clients bodies. It offers many oppportunities to heal through rupture and repair while developing greater capacity for attachment.

    I offer TEB sessions in person in East London UK and online: to find out more read about TEB: Transforming Touch® – a Somatic Therapy>> or if you have the time, watch the video below by Stephen Terrell!

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