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Welcome to the True Self Journal!

This is a place for articles and content relating to True Self Systems. The title implies both the personal activity of journaling and a publication relating to a sphere of professional activity. It was launched in 2019, sign up to our emailing list to hear about new content as it grows!

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork: embodied therapy for inner child healing. An article on breathwork benefits and risks by breathwork Therapist Rose C Jiggens.

Healing Your Inner Child

Healing Your Inner Child | Embodied Healing Practices | the Neuroscience of Trauma | Free Article | Sessions and Courses Online.

Family & Systemic Constellations online

How do family and systemic constellations work online, for individual sessions and for a group? A comparison of the different methods available and why different methods might suit different people!

How can family constellations help me?

What Questions Can I Bring to a Constellation? We can use constellations to shed light on literally any question that you bring. It is one of my favourite tools because it is so so universally useful! I have used constellations to support people enquiring about:...

Vanishing twin syndrome

Luciana brings a range of themes to her first session, including that of being the surviving twin in a case of vanishing twin syndrome. When asked what a successful outcome would look like for the work we are undertaking, it would be to find a sense of inner spaciousness and peace, for her and her family.

Healing from betrayal

Previous sessions with Lisa have focused on her desire to create community, taking us first into her maternal line who laboured in cotton mills, a workforce known also as the white slaves of England. This session opens with a new theme: a desire for “healing from betrayal”.

Resolving conflict in the workplace

Keith is one of a team of 3 delivering online tuition within a Further Education college. Recently a team member had left and his replacement is missing deadlines for tasks. He wonders how to enact good leadership within a team of equals … a few weeks later he contacts me to say the constellation played out in a shockingly accurate way!

Creating community

The theme of creating community is present again for Lisa and we spend some time getting clearer what that means for her. She is not nourished by environments that have supported her in the past and have revolved around drug taking or alcohol, she is looking for something new and we explore what that might look like.

Manifesting money

When it comes to manifesting money, Richard feels he exists within a narrow band that allows him to rent a home and make ends meet every month, but never more. If we explore what having “more” feels like it gives rise to feelings of exposure and threat.

Hidden history revealed

Myself and Jane use constellations to explore items from a family archive. She has a diary belonging to her deceased mother … reading the diary presents a perplexing and distressing window, into the mental health problems suffered by her

1. Ancestors: how does the past shape you?

Shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues with constellations

Ancestral Healing Using Family Constellations

2. Healing your inner child: who are you?

Embodied therapy and learning for healing your inner child

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork & Transforming Touch

3. Embodied delight: what's your pleasure?

Heal your relationship with pleasure using the Wheel of Consent®

Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent®

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people who you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners