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TEB: Transforming Touch® Somatic Therapy


An embodied therapy to support nervous system healing


Rose C Jiggens

Rose offers TEB, Trauma Sensitive Breathwork and Family Constellations: body oriented enquiry for healing your inner child, discover the impact of intergenerational trauma for root and branch change.


TEB: Somatic Therapy

Transforming the Experience Based Brain: embodied trauma informed therapy, supports adults to heal from the impact of early stressful events with an innovative biophysiological approach.


Location and Fees

Sessions online and in person: Hackney Therapy Rooms and ABL DayHab Hackney Wick, East London UK. Sliding scale of fees supporting inclusivity: visit Engage – FAQs for more information.

Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults

Many of the persistent issues that bring adults to therapy, can be symptoms of childhood or developmental trauma.

The stories of a difficult past and its impact on the present may be well known to some. For others there maybe no obvious narrative, but the difficulty of day to day life makes it evident that something is not quite right.

The term developmental Trauma stems from the work of Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score. It describes the many impacts of childhood trauma that can be measured in adult populations, as demonstrated by the Adverse Childhood Experiences study.

TEB is a Somatic (or embodied) therapy to support healing at a biophysiological level, from the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Adverse childhood experiences can change the wiring of our bodies and brain meaning we get locked into ‘survival physiology’.

In survival physiology it can be difficult to feel safe, see opportunities, move towards connection or make healthy choices. We may feel powerless around persistent behaviours, beliefs, actions or states which negatively impact our life. These may indicate defensive accommodations: ways we have adapted to manage an underlying survival physiology.

Defensive accommodations often underpin many of the things that regularly drive people to seek out therapy such as:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Mood instability
  • Sleep issues
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Finding or maintaining relationships
  • Enquiries about sexuality
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Stopping smoking
  • Health and wellbeing enquiries
  • A desire to feel happier and ok
  • A desire for more from life

TEB: Somatic Therapy

Transforming the Experience Based Brain is an innovative biophysiological approach to healing, developed by Stephen J. Terrell, PsyD, SEP a world leading authority on developmental trauma.

It uses a set of protocols to build somatic trust in the recipients body. The protocols use touch: they can also be moved through without touch where appropriate or as preferred by the client. This has the added benefit that TEB can be offered in person and online.

In sessions you will receive background theory to support a deeper understanding of the issues that you bring. We use benchmarks to keep track of how the treatment is supporting the transformations that you seek.

In a typical session: we spend time checking in and talking about your themes. When appropriate and with your permission, we move into a treatment phase typically 20 – 40 mins long.

Transforming Touch®: touch is offered to key areas of stress physiology, such as the kidney adrenals and brainstem. You remain fully clothed, still holds of 2 – 4 minutes build somatic trust. In Transforming Presence: we travel around your physiology using attention and intention, guided by my voice.

Later sessions can include primitive reflex enhancements, supporting the integration of interrupted early developmental stages. Some reflexes pertain to specific conditions, or we may build through them one by one, like restoring the foundations of a house.

Treatment typically takes place within the frame of a weekly or fortnightly hour long session, offered either in person or online. Other frameworks may be negotiated too for visitors to London UK: e.g. a couple of in person sessions per day during your visit, supported by regular sessions on Zoom.

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