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Consent and the Nervous System

Self Care and Community Resilience in the age of COVID19

A Video Workshop

This is an archived video version of Zoom workshop, developed in response to the Coronavirus global crisis and the UK lockdown by Rose C Jiggens and Rupert James Alison. It includes teachings from the Wheel of Consent and Polyvagal Theory, to help you practice self care and create community resilience in an age of COVID 19.

    Summary of video workshop content:

    • an embodied solo practice (awakening hands)
    • some thoughts on how trauma impacts consent
    • how self care + community care = community resilience
    • a summary of the “want to / willing to” teachings from the wheel of consent
    • an introduction to polyvagal theory and the four Fs

    1. Introduction

    • Meet the facilitators
    • Overview
    • Self Care

    2. Awakening Hands

    An introduction to the solo embodied practice awakening hands. To do the practice you will need:

    • A chair or some way to lean back
    • A cushion
    • An object that you feel happy to touch

    3. Slideshow: Trauma Informed Consent

    This slideshow contains the following themes:

    • Trauma informed consent
    • Differentiating “want to” and “willing to”
    • Self care + community care = commuity resilience

    4. Slideshow: The Nervous System

    This slideshow contains the following themes:

    • Feeling safe and unsafe
    • Upregulation and downregulation
    • Fight, flight, freeze and fawn

    5. Closing Credits

    This video contains:

    • Get in touch
    • Mailing lists
    • Credits

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