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Rose C Jiggens

Training & experience

How did you become a true self guide?


Hello, I am Rose

Below you can find a summary of my trainings, its good to check the detail to know you are in a safe pair of hands for your journey. I recognise you might like to know something of my personal story too, the Soul Energy Optimisation tab below gives you a flavour. This website is a work in progress with new content being added all the time, please do sign up to my mailing list to receive updates.

Training and Experience CV
Family Constellations

I completed a two year family constellations practitioner training in 2017 – 18. It was led by Robert Rowland Smith and Nicola Dunn. I also had one to one family constellations sessions for several years with Edward Stopler – his work very much inspired me to train in this field.

Rebirthing and Breathwork Therapy

I completed a two year practitioner training in 2017 – 18 with Nathalia Westmacott-Brown of First Breath. My qualification is as a practitioner of Rebirthing and Integrative breathwork. I also undertook breathwork practice modules within and relevant to the following:

2015 – 16: The Art of Tantra Massage professional training with John Hawken

2014: Sexual Awakening for women with Shakti Malan

2012 – 13: Year long Bioenergetics Training with John Hawken


Consent, Touch and NeoTantra

Between 2003 and 2016 I avidly attended courses both personal and professional with some of the worlds leading teachers of Western Neo-Tantra. In 2015 – 16 studying The Wheel of Consent by Dr Betty Martin sharply foregrounded consent throughout my pracitce.

The wheel of consent underpins my ability to be a safe pair of hands for intimate sexuality work, I bring it to all my session work and teach it to groups too. I have highlighted extended and professional trainings in bold.

Training and experience list:

2016: Like a Pro: The Wheel of Consent for practitioners with Betty Martin

2015 – 16: The Art of Tantra Massage professional training with John Hawken (most modules attended but qualification not completed)

2015: Foundations of Facilitation (first level cuddle party training) with Betty Martin

2014: Sexual Awakening for women with Shakti Malan

2013: Soulmates training with Shakti Malan

2012 – 13: Year long Bioenergetics Training with John Hawken

2012: Year long advanced tantra training John Hawken

2011: Year long tantra training John Hawken

2010 – 11: Energy and character types: bioenergetics training for practitioners, John Hawken (2 weekends)

2010 -18: member of shamanic lodge with John Hawken

2012: Pelvic heart integration (Jack Painter) level 1 with Deborah Anapol

2012: Path of the Sexual Shaman training for practitioners with Kenneth Ray Stubbs

2009 – 2014: Regular retreats and part of a healing circle with Greg Branson of Helios

2003 – 2005: Deep Diving year long programme and other Tantra retreats with Leora Lightwoman of Diamond Light Tantra

Soul Energy Optimisation

My twenties began with alot of travel. For a few years I worked as a conservationist in the Lake District, doing hedge laying, drystone walling, leading working holidays and gaining a level 4 NVQ in forestry.

My mom died when I was 26 – this and looking after her while she was ill – changed the course of my life too. I began to study art, graduating as a mature student (I was born in 1971) with a first class BA Hons from Wolverhampton University in 2000, then an MFA from Newcastle University with two distinctions in 2002.

I taught throughout my MFA and beyond as a visiting lecturer at both universities, along with Northumbria and Gateshead College too. I produced publications, exhibitions, residencies commissions: and gained a prestigous Arts Council funded 6 month residency in Berlin.

All I had every wanted to do was to create, make and write – I was tootling along quite nicely in my art career in the early noughties when I stumbled into Tantra. It was quite shattering to realise despite having “made it” I yet yearned for something else.

I have enjoyed a near two decade exploration of healing and spirituality, through everything from Zen meditation through to Bioenergetics and Breathwork. My art career fell away during this time – I have worked as a therapist and educator, seeing clients and leading workshops since 2007.

In 2019 I launched True Self Systems – in this new manifestation of cilent work I am delighted to be revisiting my art teaching skills gained in the 1990’s. Because I support practitioners wishing to birth their soul calling – and thats what arts study, practice and teaching taught me to do:

  • It taught me how to brand in ways that are quirky and unique
  • It gave me the confidence to pick up any new piece of software and sit there drinking coffee till I master it
  • It taught me to be independent, to just do and to try
  • It taught me how to seek out and collaborate with other creatives like me, because its more fun when we do it together
  • It taught me to risk looking like a fool, for the unique ways in which I see and convey beauty

Most of all, it taught me how to teach others where to begin: when we want to build the 6 foot bronze horse with wings of our imagination, often all we have is a bag of clay, some skip dived timber and 50p in the bank.

We might feel ashamed that our vision is so big and our resources so small. Bridging that gap is at once a deeply pragmatic journey – and a leap of faith – one that will bring to the surface for healing every fear that we have.

Bring me visions, your bag of clay and your skip dived timber – and let’s leap!

Stuff that fits nowhere else

My supervisor is DK Green whom I chose for his broad spectrum practice from Psychotherapy all the way through to Shamanism and Tarot reading. I also value his psycho-educational approach to working with clients which accords well with my own. 

For many years I sat in an intensive form of Zen meditation, channelling and psychic work: at the emminently unique healing school Helios led by visionary and mystic Greg Branson and Robin Baldock. They helped me bring depth and alignment to my practice.

I read – alot – and have along the way integrated a solid laypersons understanding of the nervous system and trauma, initially for my own understanding and healing. A quiet listening to and co-regulation of the nervous system underpins how I practice.

A disclaimer, please read:

In booking a session you understand and agree to the following:

The work I undertake does not have a scientific or medical evidence base. Whilst every effort has been made to create a safe environment for you, you also agree to undertake this work at your own risk. You agree to be reponsible for your own wellbeing, including checking in advance with suitable practitioners if this work is suitable for you. This might include:

  • Your medical practitioner / GP / doctor
  • Any psychiatric or mental health practitioners you are under the care of

If you are booking from the USA

The definition of “therapy” used on this website accords with the common language usage of that term in the UK. Therapy in the UK denotes a rande of holistic practices that support people to experience greater well-being. All services offered are for entertainment purposes only.

1. Origins: where do you come from?

Discover how the past shapes your present and free your true self

Family Constellations Therapy

2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy

3. Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?

Pleasure explorations for embodied souls

Consent, Touch & Neo-Tantra Teachings

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners

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