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Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?


Therapeutic and educative pleasure explorations



One to one true self guidance with Rose C Jiggens. Book one session for individual themes, or regular sessions for your ultimate growth!



COVID19: click here for more information about sessions online. Private session room in Hackney, East London, Zone 2, enquire for parking options.



Sessions from the comfort of your home. Zoom or Skype with webcam, a range of bespoke online methods offer more than "just talking"



Embodying eros sessions average 1.5 hours.  Longer sessions, day intensives and home visits by negotiation.



Sliding scale of fees: higher rates that support inclusivity, lower rates by application, see FAQ's on the Engage page.



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Coronavirus Update

All my work is taking place online in response to Coronavirus safety measures. Here is some extra information about individual sessions online, please sign up to my mailing list to hear about further developments.

I look forward to hearing from you, Rose.

What are Embodying Eros Sessions?

Between 2009 and 2018 Rose C Jiggens worked under the name Tantra4Tigers. She has now gathered this work under the title Embodying Eros to reflect the key themes of body, sex, love and desire.

Problems with our sexuality may originate with events in our past. Our sexual problems may in fact function to make us aware of something that requires our deeper and more loving attention.

Breathwork and Family Constellations sessions are great tools for unravelling the mysteries of the past. However we can also learn about – and heal – the pleasure in our body, in a more present focused, hands on and direct way.

Pleasure education (sensate): pleasure lives in your body. But we might need to relearn how to focus on our senses to experience the pleasure that lives there. This is the intention of educative and skilful touch that includes your whole body.

Pleasure education (erotic): pleasure also lives in our erotic imagination. Sessions are a safe space to enquire into and speak about your erotic life. Practical guidance includes building the skills and confidence necessary, to reclaim your erotic life.

Consent education: before we we can safely engage in our pleasure with others, we need embodied consent skills. Embodied consent teachings (the wheel of consent) frame all my work to keep you safe. They also radically improve your relationship with pleasure and asking for what you want.

Therapeutic touch (learning): Learn to notice what is pleasurable in your body through receiving touch. Once you notice what is pleasurable, it can be a step before you really trust and value that. Once you really own your pleasure, it gets easier to ask for the touch that you want.

Therapeutic touch (healing): Sometimes we just don’t have a road map for what might feel good in our body. Additionally, our pleasure may be bound up with alot of physical tension. Regarding the therapeutic value of touch, I work in the following 4 ways:

  • Water: flowing touch that connects with your emotions and sensuality
  • Earth: deeper touch for your physical body to release core holding
  • Fire: rocking, pulsing, impact, rhythmic – touch that helps you release
  • Air: subtle touch both on and off your body; touch that moves energy

Spiritual enquiry: many of us have received sex negative messages, which can distance us from the inherently sacred nature of sex.

The use of ritual and breath can awaken transcendent feeling. Our sexual energy can expand beyond a limited genital experience.

These experiences expand our notion of what sex is, they can also profoundly alter our life path as we become more open, spontaneous, sensitive and alive.

What happens in a session?

We establish your overall intent, which usually falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Educative – to learn something new
  • Therapeutic – to overcome an issue
  • Guidance – to enquire and find answers
  • Pleasure – to request and maybe receive
  • Spiritual – to find a mentor and learn

Your category of enquiry will shape the session content, but here is an overview of how sessions usually go:


  • We spend about third of the session in preliminary conversation and learning
  • We spend about two thirds of the session in a central practice that explores your presenting enquiry
  • The most common central practice is you receiving touch: including your whole body and sexual arousal
  • There are other practices we can use to enquire into your pleasure or overcome an issue
  • The space is clothing optional for you
  • My sexual arousal is not in the mix and I remain clothed

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