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How can family constellations help me?

Reveal hidden influences to shed light on everyday issues

What questions can I bring to a constellation?

We can use constellations to shed light on literally any question that you bring. It is one of my favourite tools because it is so so universally useful! I have used constellations to support people enquiring about:

How will family constellations help me?

There are many levels at which a constellation can help you. At the most basic level you gain new information and insight into a situation: whats happening now and how the past is shaping the present.

Deeper than that – you will be supported to uncover feelings and motivations underlying a situation, both your own and those of other people. As we move towards resolution people often experience a lightening and uplifting of those feelings, so that we experience how things can be when transformed.

Deeper than that – there is a kind of magic at play in this work. Sometimes clients walk out the door and discover the situation has shifted in the world. I can’t say how often a text will pop up on a clients phone during a session, related to the issue they are bringing. Open doors in a constellation and they open in the world too!

Deeper than that Рone off sessions are great, but I recommend you thoroughly constellate all areas of your life. Engaging with this work long term often leads people to their soul calling Рwhat you came here to do Рbe ready to transform! This generally involves seeing me weekly or fortnightly over the course of 6 months to a year to discover:

  • ¬†How did my ancestry shape me?
  • What are the traps of my family tree and how do I step out of them?
  • What of the treasures of my family tree and how do I express them?

Other benefits of sessions with Rose C Jiggens

Consetellations are my go to “universal” tool, however I recognise the problems we face are complex and may benefit from other approaches. The sessions I offer draw on mutiple tools I have studied and continue to gather. For more information please explore the four main strands of my work by following the links below!

1. Origins: where do you come from?

Discover how the past shapes your present and free your true self

Family Constellations Therapy

2. Emerging self: who are you?

Explore the imprint of your conception, birth and early years

Rebirthing & Breathwork Therapy

3. Embodying eros: what's your pleasure?

Therapeutic & educative pleasure explorations for embodied souls

Consent, Touch & Neo-Tantra Teachings

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Mentoring to unite what do best with the people you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners

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