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Medicine stories: session summaries shared with permission, highlighting the ancestral origins of issues, and how family constellations can bring insight or resolution. All names have been changed.

Presenting theme:

Rene presented with persistent sinus infection and constipation; feeling that something is held back in their expression, when they have these ailments. 

NB: gender pronoun is they

The family constellation:

We constellated in person using figures and stones.

Rene set up the family including parents and brothers. Everyone was arranged equidistant from one another in a circle with no one in the centre. The centre, for Rene was a place where “you might get attacked”. They noticed part of them was hidden away out of site in the family, and represented it with a stone.

When the Grandfathers were added in, it was clear that the potential for attack originated here. The family maintained an invisible “safe distance” and “never standing in the centre of attention” policy, an invisible structure held over from their presence. One was overtly violent and the other exerted power in a “silent and brooding” way.

The resolution:

Rene chose two stones – representing ‘self and ‘what is held back’. The look and placement, of these stones, visually echoed the stones and placement representing the two Grandfathers. The querent had learned to “hold something back” so as to not be like the Grandfathers, and this manifested in their symptoms. 

The powerful presence of the two Grandfathers was neutralised when placed back with the parents, creating a generational tree with everyone in the right place. Some systemic sentences were used to establish this order.

The two Grandfathers held a power that continued to shape – through fear – an entire family system.  We discussed that power is in essence a neutral force that transforms, that in and of itself its neither good nor bad. 

Rene describes them-self as an activist and was really excited to realise rather than rejecting this ancestral power, it could be received and welcomed as a resource they might channel. We used systemic sentences to open this new flow.

The constellation ended with Rene occupying the centre of the circle, and receiving a flow of power from the ancestors, that would assist in moving ahead with their purpose.