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Medicine stories: session summaries shared with permission, highlighting the ancestral origins of issues, and how family constellations can bring insight or resolution. All names have been changed.

The theme, finding her feminine power:

Lisa had previously operated a successful creative career from an “aggressive place” leading with the rallying cry “I can do it all, I will save the everyone and the world”. She had collapsed away from this path and had a period of downtime.

She was ready now to move forward again, but did not know how to move in a new “softer and more feminine way”. She had a difficult childhood, her family dominated by chaotic circumstances, abusive patterns and mental health issues.

I asked her how she would like things to be if the sessions was successful. She desired feeling belonging, connected and in community. I asked her to visualise what this looked like, as it seemed hard for her to even imagine or articulate it.

She saw a tree with a strong trunk, linked to other trees around it, speaking through the web of roots. Next she saw the tree had been cut, so there was a severed trunk and she was upset for a time. Eventually shoots sprang from this trunk.

The family constellation:

We constellated on Skype using creative visualisation and some breathwork.

She went to a young age and found an image of her parents together and happy. She felt loved and safe with them. We spent a long time resting in this image, as it was very touching for her to realise that for all their problems, there was a time when her parents created an environment of stability of love.

She realised this time had provided the foundation for the ontological security that has lead to her success thus far and felt very grateful.

I noticed in the image that it was easier for her to receive love from and engage with her Dad. Her mom was loving her – but she could not feel herself receive it. This imbalance revealed the source of her lost feminine power.

Second stage resolution:

We said some systemic sentences, her father moved away (as he had in life) and she was left with her mother. She felt the “tree stump” image overlay the scene, and related it to surviving the cut of her parents separation. In her mothers line there are many suicides, I expect we will need to come back to these to trace them to source.

Lisa had previously related taking a DNA test for her mothers line. She discovered a rare haplogroup from the Sami people: an indigenous Finno / Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic and Sapmi with a rich shamanic culture. They are often referred to as Laplander’s or the reindeer people.

She started to visualise a maternal line, imagining women behind women, tracing her roots all the way back to this native culture. Then she saw all the women were in bondage and chains. We used systemic sentences such as:

I honour and see what you have suffered. I respectfully hand back to you any bondage I have carried, or been trying to save you from. I honour your lives by turning to face and be carried forwards by the river of life.

Her ancestors gave a round of applause!

She realised the flow of life that could carry her in her creativity. She no longer needed to rely solely on the aggressive power that had been necessary to survive her chaotic childhood circumstances. She felt a sense of peace and support connected back with this rich maternal heritage and with it, her feminine power.

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