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Medicine stories: session summaries shared with permission, illustrating the ancestral origins of problems and how family constellations brings resolution. All names have been changed.

Presenting Theme – overcoming a creative block:

Catherine’s themes: overwhelming anxiety when approaching her painting leading to a creative block. Oscillating between over inflated and under inflated sense of worth, when regarding her creative work. A persistent anxiety that alot of money had been spent in order for her to be able to create. She felt judgement about the value of her work relative to what had been invested in it.

The family constellation:

We constellated on Skype using visualisation, movement and breathwork.

Catherine’s family tree revealed that she is the second child of three, the first and third being still born. These sentences opened out the key systemic causes of her issues:

  • “There was a great cost to my creation” (i.e. producing children “cost” her parents alot in terms of grief, as the only surviving child she unconsciously carried this cost)
  • “I am always creating for three, so what I do is never enough.”
  • “Whilst creating for three, I always over estimate what I can achieve”
  • “I have always held you both” 

Catherine in her subconscious was aware of the stillborn siblings, and had a life long pattern of over compensating for their absence. She realised she was creating not just for herself – but to compensate for their missing lives – leading to her creativity feeling blocked.

There was a sense of shame about taking “too much” because, unconsciously she felt she was taking what they should have received. Therefore she had a difficulty allowing herself to receive. She felt responsible for and was holding the dead siblings in her body.

The resolution:

The session was a long slow movement of separation from the siblings that she had carried with her all her life. Once completed she felt lighter and more peace. During this process her body moved spontaneously in gestures that were, she commented, like moving down the birth canal.

There was a sense of lightness and liberation in this movement. By the end she felt more peace and could imagine moving beyond her creative block.

Post session integration:

After the session she drew a picture with her ancestors including her siblings, all standing behind her. She meditated on receiving their love and support, visualising it as a river of life that carries her. She placed it at the head of her bed, so as needed, she could meditate on being held as she falls asleep.


Ancestors supporting querent to overcome a creative block