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Healing Your Inner Child Workshop

Live Dates on Zoom or Video Course Anytime (Coming Soon)

Healing Your Inner Child Workshop: Embodied Healing Practices and the Neuroscience of Trauma, by True Self Systems.

Healing Your Inner Child – the Touch You Needed to Receive

How do we soothe a child who is crying, upset, hurt or distressed? Touch – hugs, patting, holding, rocking – is often a first spontaneous go to. If we listen (and attune) to the needs of the child, then it will feel better from our touch.

How many of us as adults did not receive the touch we needed to receive as children? We may have received very little touch, or touch that was actually about the needs of our care givers.

Healing Your Inner Child – What We Will Be Doing

This is a workshop about learning to give TO OURSELVES the touch we needed to receive as children – for the purpose of building a compassionate and embodied relationship with our inner child selves. It will contain the following elements:

  • A practice to awaken sensitivity and curiosity in your hands
  • A talk introducing the neuroscience of the brain and trauma
  • How our childhood brains are wired to compartmentalise
  • How we can begin to rewire our brains to connect up
  • (Optional) opportunity for inner child self touch practice
  • Opportunities for journalling or sharing with others in the group

Healing Your Inner Child – Who Is the Workshop For?

This workshop might be for you if you would like to explore psycho-education and embodiment practices. Or perhaps you are interested in Breathwork (see below) and would benefit from a gentle and graduated approach.

This workshop offers theory and experiential tools to try out and practice. We will not be undertaking individual processing of your specific themes (beyond sharing and acknowledgement in listening spaces). All exercises will be optional, you can join in or learn and do later.

Healing Your Inner Child – a Video Workshop in 2021 (Coming Soon!)

The course will be available to buy on video in 2021. Participants in live events will receive free access to the video version of the workshop, to support integration of the content and followup practice. NB the live workshops on Zoom will NOT be recorded.

True Self Systems – Trauma Sensitive Breathwork

This is the first workshop in a series introducing Trauma Sensitive Breathwork and Embodiment practices, offered by Rose C Jiggens of True Self Systems. Each session builds on the last to provide a graduated introduction:

  1. Healing Your Inner Child – the Touch You Needed to Receive
  2. Healing Your Inner Child – Learning to Breathe Again*
  3. Healing Your Inner Child – the Words You Needed to Hear
  4. Healing Your Inner Child – the Movements You Needed to Make

* Working with the breath begins on session two.

Next Steps for Healing Your Inner Child:

1. Ancestors: how does the past shape you?

Shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues with constellations

Ancestral Healing Using Family Constellations

2. Healing your inner child: who are you?

Embodied therapy and learning for healing your inner child

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork & Transforming Touch

3. Embodied delight: what's your pleasure?

Heal your relationship with pleasure using the Wheel of Consent®

Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent®

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people who you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners