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Online sessions and workshops overview

Coronavirus means much more time is being spent in virtual connection. I have heard people say they are “Zoomed” out and long for physical connection. While that is a valid desire, how present and embodied we are when communicating online can make a big difference to how it feels.

I really enjoy working online with individuals, couples, polycules and groups. I have developed ways for sessions to feel more connected, embodied and emotionally attuned. I have a range of methods we can use online, to elicit deeper insights and learning from your whole being.

Read more below about each session type – or get in touch to book a free 20 minute call if you are not sure which to book.

Constellation sessions online

A pre session form offers an opportunity to share information about your family tree, completing this is optional. When we meet, first we talk about the themes and issues you are bringing to the session.

Then we move to constellating using one or more of the methods below. You can tell me which you think will work best for you and any that you don’t want to do. Follow the links below for some example sessions.

  1. Inner vision – I ask you to see / sense / feel people in the room using your inner space of ‘imagination’. Some people feel they can’t visualise, or it might be distressing to imagine someone who hurt you, so I have other ways of working.
  2. Paper markers (laid out by you) – I might ask you to get up and layout A4 sheets of paper in your space, each one representing an aspect of the question. I will guide you to stand in other peoples shoes and make movements towards resolution and change.
  3. Paper markers (laid out by me) – sometimes people feel uneasy doing the constellating and prefer me to do it for them. Throughout the session I will lay out pieces of paper, we will discuss what they show and use this to inform your questions and themes.
  4. Weaving in breathwork, or movement / embodiment / shamanic practices: I can combine tools together. I can suggest which modality to use and you can choose what works best for you.

Here is an article about Family Constellations Online: different ways to constellate online, individual sessions and group workshops

Breathwork sessions online

We will begin by talking about the themes that have bought you to sessions. Then we will expand on the themes by using an embodiment or breathwork practice. Here are some overarching intentions of the practices we might do:

  1. To enquire more deeply into what is, through your body and breath. Working in this way can surface feelings, memories and awarenesses that are beyond your conscious knowing.
  2. Using the breath responsively to facilitate a balance between containment and expression. Containment is about discovering and developing ways to move towards safety and away from overwhelm. Expression is about the feeling and expression of emotions related to both past and present.
  3.  We can tease out realisations and narratives through the processes above, which link past and present. Through talking we search for the truth about whats happening in the present, through your breath we surface things about the past, which are held as memories in your body. In this way, we can often see how the present is unfolding in ways that are driven by experiences we have had in the past.
  4. We can create empowering new embodiment narratives, to help unfold new possibilities in life. I.e. we might tie together an image, a breath and a posture or movement, to anchor an empowering realisation that emerges through the session.
  5. I sometimes draw on breath practices from spiritual traditions, that can create spaciousness (through transcending dualites), a sense of anchoring in the true self (using points along the spine), or through the heart open new perspectives on suffering. Read here for one such session – Medicine Stories, Creating Community.
Consent, touch and neo-tantra online

These sessions online are either practical (somatic eduction) or a therapeutic enquiry into your past. In general as a practitioner, my “USP” (unique selling point) is that I can take you on a journey that is a combination of BOTH!

When combining somatic education and therapeutic enquiry, for clarity and boundaries, we will define in advance what the primary intention of each session is.

1.  Somatic education and enquiry into the present (when you just want enquire into and to learn stuff about your sexual pleasure):

In online sessions I offer you tools that you do during the session, or can practice by yourself or with a partner later. I also offer teachings regarding communicating your desires, needs and boundaires. I can also simply be a safe space for you to talk about things you have never spoken about with others.

Sessions can include space for your arousal (e.g. witnessing or guided self pleasuring) by prior agreement after a few sessions preparatory work. Or you can learn practices then include more intimate touch by yourself later on.

My own nudity or arousal is not part of the work I offer, I offer a safe and sensual learning zone but I don’t offer sexual services (I can recommend some great people who do!).

Here are some of the somatic education practices and enquiry tools we can use:

  • Breathwork and movement practice
  • Sensate focus / self touch
  • Learn about different kinds of touch
  • Learn and practice the wheel of consent, an embodied consent practice and map 
  • Learn about upregulating and down regulating through movement, breath and touch (because there are many kinds of “arousal!”)
  • Learn to enhance your self pleasuring (aka masturbation coaching and witnessing)
  • Learn about primary channels of arousal and reflect on what yours is so that you can better communicate it with another (and find out theirs)
  • I am a poly-friendly and CNM aware practitioner 
  • I am a kink friendly practitioner 
  • Exlpore your core erotic theme (this can also relate to the therapeutic work below)

2.  Therapeuctic enquiry into the past (for when there is a problem):

If there are problems in your intimate sex life, breathwork or family constellations can be great tools for understanding whats going on. Underlying issues such as anorgasmia, female sexual dysfucntion, or erectile difficulty for men, there can be childhood issues that have set us up to feel chronically shamed.

What appears to be a mechanical problem – once you have had it thoroughly checked by your GP or other appropriate medical practitioner – I encourage you to pursue therapeutic enquiry and learning that includes your mind, body and emotions (i.e. psycho-sexual).

I don’t have a clinical evidence base for my work. However anecdotally I do see a strong relationship between sexual difficulty, chronic shame and the impact of adverse childhood experiences on our nervous systems. You don’t need to have an obvious or known trauma for this to be the case, it doesn’t need to be sexual trauma either.

Sometimes it can simply be that early in your infancy, your caregiver became depressed and you were left alone and crying for long periods of time. Thus you never felt safe to relax into the arms of another, and sexual relating is underpinned by chronic feelings of unsafety impacting your ability to feel pleasure or become aroused.

 Enquire for more information.

Soul Energy Optimisation (for practitioners) online

I offer a range of services for practitioners like myself. I work with people who would like to discover and express their soul calling in work. I help people build websites that feel aligned with their soul calling – and that can be optimised too.

Here is what I can offer online:

  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Constellations or breathwork to shift the stuck places in your practice
  • Development of soul aligned branding
  • Building of soul aligned websites
  • Optimisation of websites for organic google searches, or advice about using google advertising and other ways of uniting your work with the people whom it will best serve
How much are online sessions for individuals and couples?

Online session pricing:

(for family constellations, breathwork & soul energy optimsation:)

This is my sliding scale price per hour for one to one sessions online:

  • Assistive rate £80 per hour
  • Higher rate £70 per hour
  • Average rate £60 per hour
  • Lower rate £50 per hour (by application)
  • Very low rate £40 per hour (by application)

How do you know which rate to choose? Most people pay the average, please pay higher rates if you can. The lower two rates are limited and by application. For more information please see the FAQs on my Engage page.

Embodying Eros

Consent, touch and Neo-Tantra sessions per hour

  • Assistive rate £120 per hour
  • Higher rate £110 per hour
  • Average rate £100 per hour
  • Low rate £90 per hour (by application)
  • Very low rate £80 (by application)

Why are these sesssions more expensive? If you hop over to my training page, you will see the many years investment in training I have made to offer this particular area of my work. Also holding and supporting people in their sexual arousal is a super ninja skill!

How long are sessions?

Sessions online are generally either 1 / 1.5 / 2 hours depending on what we are doing. As a rule of thumb 1.5 hours is good for an individual and 2 hours is good for a couple.

Group workshops online

We offer workshops in person (Covid19 regulations permitting) and on Zoom. See the Workshops Calendar or sign up to my mailing list for future dates and special offers.

How do I book?

1. Ancestors: how does the past shape you?

Shed light and gain perspective on everyday issues with constellations

Ancestral Healing Using Family Constellations

2. Healing your inner child: who are you?

Embodied therapy and learning for healing your inner child

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork & Transforming Touch

3. Embodied delight: what's your pleasure?

Heal your relationship with pleasure using the Wheel of Consent®

Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent®

4. Soul work: what's your purpose?

Unite what you do best with the people who you can best serve

Soul Energy Optimisation: for practitioners