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Feminine power

Lisa had previously operated a successful career from what she described as an “aggressive place”. She described her rallying cry as “I will save the everyone and the world”. She had recently collapsed into a period of downtime. She was ready to move forward now, but did not know how to do so in a “softer and more feminine way”.

The power to transform

Rene presented with persistent sinus infection and constipation; feeling that something is held back in their expression, when they have these ailments … The querent had learned to “hold something back” so as to not be like the Grandfathers, and this manifested in their symptoms.

Overcoming a creative block

Catherine’s themes: overwhelming anxiety when approaching her painting leading to a creative block … in her subconscious she was aware of her stillborn siblings and had a life long pattern of over compensating for their absence. She realised she was creating not just for herself, but for their missing lives too.