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Soul energy optimisation sessions:

Enquire into your soul purpose & thrive

  • one to one soul energy optimisation sessions
  • online: Zoom or Skype worldwide
  • in person: London, UK
  • minimum session length 1.5 hours
  • enquire for longer groups and intensives
  • sliding fee based on income & international exchange
What is soul energy optimsation?

Soul energy optimisation: uncover, refine and focus your true soul calling, what is your purpose in life?

Search engine optimisation: build your own website, bring your soul calling to the attention of people whom it will best serve.

These are the two pillars of my work with practitioners and business owners. Clients typically run (or want to) a business in the areas of personal development, therapy, creativity, sexuality or consciousness. Here are some of the ways I can help you:

Soul energy optimisation: systemic constellations

From the detail of individual client cases, customers or products, through to big picture questions when you are at a crossroads: systemic constellations brings clear seeing to any area of your work.

Soul energy optimisation: create your own website!

My clients are individuals who do something unique that they feel really passionate about. Or they are individuals who would like to make this their reality! People typically say to me one or more of the following:

  • I want to build my own website
  • I would like back up support for when I get stuck!
  • I want to learn about SEO & mobile responsiveness
  • And most of all – I want the process to feel creative, inspiring and for the website to feel like it reflects the heart and soul of my business!

My bespoke service will ensure a website that is well optimised for your clients AND feels in alignment with the heart and soul of your business.

Soul energy optimisation: breathwork

This is great for when practice and client issues are effecting you deeply at an emotional or energy level. Breathwork can uncover subconscious beliefs sabotaging your practice, or family dynamics playing out in your client relationships.

Soul energy optimisation: for sexuality practitioners

Tantra practitioners, sex workers and sexuality practitioners: build anew or up skill an existing practice. Receive robust, safe and supportive supervision. Working with me will enable you to fully mature as a practitioner.

Soul energy optimisation costs:

Soul energy optimisation sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours long. I offer a sliding scale to take account of local and international economic variations. All prices shown are per single hour.

Choose a clear commitment of investment relative to your own resources (and international exchange rates), to get the most from your work with me!

  • £40 very low income (i.e. £60 per minimum length session) *
  • £50 low income *
  • £60 average income
  • £70 higher incomes
  • £80 assistive rate **
  • Bulk soul energy optimisation discount ***
  • intensives by application, minimum one day, enquire for rates
Notes on soul energy optimisation session costs:

*  sessions at the two lower rates are limited and by application
** choose assistive rate if you can, to support the inclusive practice of sliding fees. You will also receive an added benefit (session follow up notes) to say thank you
*** Book and pay for 10 soul energy optimisation sessions, in one go, to receive a 10% discount, yes the 10th session is free!

To book a soul energy optimisation session please:
  • email me rose.jiggens at
  • call my mobile 0779 267 3021 (UK)
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