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Positive Change Therapy

Sessions and Workshops For Positive Change

Sessions and Workshops For Positive Change

Much of the work I do with people is present and future orientated. I have a combination of practical, educational and therapeutic tools that can support you moving towards a better life. I am a good person to see when you want guidance and practical help moving forwards, alongside therapeutic support for the shame and blocks that can arise as you do so.

Here are some of issues I can address with you – more information on how we would do so below. If you can’t see what you are looking for drop me a line, I may simply have not written about it yet!

  • Soul work, Creative Projects, Practitioners
  • Holistic Business Websites
  • Heal Your Relationship With Pleasure
  • Creating Community
  • Money and Abundance

Soul work, Creative Projects, Practitioners

I love working with people on their soul calling: be it a creative project, retreat centre or therapy business. I have developed a number of systemic constellation exercises through which you can clarify both practical questions and deeper underlying queries such as purpose and meaning.

Constellations can be used in therapeutic ways to address unresolved family patterns which maybe impacting your working life. However it can also be used to constellate aspects of a project or business such as your working team, customers, website, the market place, opportunities, resources, competitors ….

Doing so you will gain a clearer embodied sense of the deeper currents such as knowing what’s alive, what’s ready to fall away, whats causing blocks and what you need to move past them. I additionally bring some practical skills to follow up with, which I outline below. 

Holistic Business Websites

After constellating your project or business: I can also support you to build your own optimised website, using web building platforms such as Square Space, WIX and WordPress. I teach the basics of search engine optimisation too, which can get your website to the top of searches in google.

I support DIY web-building so that you feel confident to continue the process yourself after our work together. I integrate this with constellations so the website feels aligned with your soul calling. I won’t build a website for you, though I can support you drawing up a design brief and point you towards trusted web designers.

Many feelings can arise when we are growing businesses that we also feel passionate about. My work with some people is very practically oriented, with others more time is spent in therapeutic support for feelings that arise in the creation process such as shame or imposter syndrome: often the work is a mix of the two. Here are some previous work examples:

  • Healing Constellations full website build from concept to finish.
  • Complete Alchemy – Total Transformation Therapy: full website build from concept to finish. The menu headings, domain name and strap-line all came from a one day in person systemic constellation session, the rest was built in a series of 1 hour sessions on Zoom.
  • Spark The Shen: half day constellating possible names, designing layout and coming up with the “four gateways” concept on the home page. A useful outcome of the session was realising that self build and SEO was not the right path for this practitioner, Moth Design took on the final build.
  • Einsteins Octopus: quote from the customer “Rose thoroughly overhauled our web marketing policy in a couple of efficient sessions. Their intervention was directly responsible for us reaching a prestigious new client who ended up awarding us a commission worth over £250,000”

For more information on soul energy optimisation sessions do get in touch.

Heal Your Relationship With Pleasure

My pleasure education offering largely revolves around the Wheel of Consent which I love for its radical, all encompassing Zen like simplicity. The Wheel of Consent offers embodied pleasure teaching and an agreement model which is applicable to all areas of life: from intimate relationships through to negotiations in the workplace.

We begin with a solo practice called Waking up the Hands. You learn how to experience relaxed feelings of pleasure in your skin; how to notice and choose what feels good. There is a body of theory to support the embodied teachings too. You can continue to learn through touch exchanges with another person if you want to. These exchanges are initially limited to the hand and arm, they can be done in a workshop, in a session with me or at home with a partner or friend. Through these touch exchanges you learn that what you want really matters. You learn to notice and ask for what feels good. You learn to set aside your desires to serve another. You learn how to notice and communicate your boundaries.

My teaching of the wheel is underpinned by 10+ years experience as a somatic sexuality educator and member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists. I gathered 1200 hours study and mentoring with John Hawken’s Paths of Transformation  in Tantra, Tantra Massage, Shamanism and Bioenergetics. I no longer offer Tantra massage sessions but this experience and related teachings are still available.

For more information on healing your relationship with pleasure click here.

Creating Community

Throughout my life I have created communities to support myself and others manifesting our bold and courageous visions. I have found it easier to step into the unknown with friends and fellows, though I acknowledge doing so requires effort and skill too. I can support you developing your community project, using the skills listed above and drawing upon experience of developing and leading the following:

  • NewcastleGRAFT: artists support network offering group crits and peer led retreats.
  • London Tantra Friends: network of several hundred, regular social and tantra practice events.
  • Calderon Road community home and venue space: a practitioner household with shared session rooms and event space.
  • Practitioner Circles: peer group supervision and socials for somatic sexuality practitioners.
  • Plurilium: peer group supervision, trauma informed support for ethics and accountability.

Money and Abundance

I created  a sense of abundance in my life through some of the community initiatives above, in particular the shared resources and savings of my community home carried me far further than I could manage alone. My own money issues though took some years to clear and I did that through a combination of the following approaches:

  • Family Constellations: addressing bankrupcy and financial secrets hidden in family systems. Click here for an example family constellation on the theme of Manifesting Money.
  • Healing developmental trauma and scarcity that can be written through the body due to adverse childhood experiences (read Healing Your Inner Child).
  • Developing an embodied sense of what you truly want, what you are wholeheartedly willing to offer, noticing where your boundaries are and practice communicating all of these (see Wheel of Consent Teachings)

I bring all these modalities and experience to my work with YOU on the theme of money and abundance: everyones money story is different which is why I like to have many ways to work with the people that I see. As you read through the list, perhaps you may get a sense of which approach might be right for you?

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are interested in sessions, workshops – or would just like to respond with reflections on what you have read – you are welcome to contact me using the methods described on this website.

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