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Pilot Constellation Group

Over the past year, I have discovered both family constellations and breathwork to be great for working with some of the themes people commonly bring to my sessions. Hence I am currently training as a practitioner in both!

I am already offering donation based one to one family constellation sessions (both in person and on Skype) details here if you missed that

The purpose of this pilot group, is so that I can develop my own flavour of group work using family constellations with elements of breathwork. I may experiment weaving in aspects of my existing practice (Tantra, Shamanism).

If you don’t know what family constellations are, you can read more about what happens in one to one sessions through these medicine stories. Please don’t share my website (e.g. on social media) as it is still being built. You may share with friends though, whom you think might benefit from these groups.

The groups will be a maximum of 6 participants. There will be an opening practice (e.g. meditations, visualisation, discussion of a topic, mini constellation in pairs). There will follow space for some people to have a full constellation, not everyone present will be able to do one.

Some things offered will be old tricks I know well. Some will be genuinely right at my experimental edge. By participating you welcome the formative stage I am at and my status as a trainee. 

Topics to bring:
Everything we do exists in a system. The system might be our family of origin and we can constellate this. In my course I am also enjoying organisational and project systemics. I.e. we can constellate people in a group, as well as abstract concepts relating to a project you might be undertaking.

Additionally as someone working with sexuality, I notice sexual issues almost *never* show up in a group family constellations space. It can feel taboo, shameful or scary to talk about sexual themes in a group space. I welcome constellating these themes, contact me beforehand if you would like support bringing them!

Please book your attendance in advance by emailing me the date you want to attend

I will buzz round occasional emails about content to everyone on the pilot group email list. I will email address details prior to each evening, just to those who are booked.

Payment is on the night by donation in a box. Please donate according to your ability, anything from £1 to £20 is equally welcomed. You also gift me with your supportive presence, as I slowly practice and master these modalities.

In the absence of an advance commitment through fees, I would appreciate it if you could offer a firm intent only to attend.

Close to Leyton Tube on the central line (address sent by email just before each session)

Arrive 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start
We will finish constellating at 9.30pm, the group is welcome to stay and chat till 10pm latest.

Fortnightly on these dates:
Tuesday 20th February
Monday 5th March
Tuesday 20th March (first day of spring!)
Wednesday 4th April
Tuesday 17th April
Monday 30th April (full moon!)
Tuesday 15th May (new moon!)
Tuesday 29th May (full moon!)
Monday 11th June
TBC: 17th June (Fathers Day) a thematic day of constellating 11am till 5pm

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