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Breathwork therapy sessions:

Explore the imprint of your birth & early years

  • one to one breathwork therapy sessions
  • online: Zoom or Skype worldwide
  • in person: London, UK
  • minimum session length 1.5 hours
  • enquire for longer groups and intensives
  • sliding fee scale based on income, see below
What is breathwork therapy?

Breathwork therapy as a tool for psychological enquiry and emotional release, has been developing since the 1970’s, for a fuller history read Good Therapy Breathwork>>. The premise of modern breathwork therapy is that our regular pattern of breathing is determined by early childhood events.

These events create subconscious beliefs about the world, that are reflected in and maintained by our breath. For example: habitual shallow breathing (like a frightened animal) may reflect a core belief that the world is not a safe place. The breath then perpetuates the belief beyond the causal circumstance.

Bringing awareness to our breath – and through it our nervous system and whole body – we can become aware of the subconscious beliefs behind physical patterns. We can consciously alter those patterns too: having seen what truly is we are gifted with the opportunity to heal and reshape it.

This process extends beyond session work as you learn how to integrate breathwork throughout your life.

There are many different styles of breathwork, I am qualified in rebirthing breathwork. This focuses on our time in the womb, birth and earliest bonding experiences. I have also have undertaken breathwork modules within other trainings, where breath practice is used to to engage with:

  1. Bioenergetics: our character type (e.g. schizoid, oral, psychopath etc)
  2. Tantra: the flows of our sexual energy
  3. Shamanic: awaken vision & reshape your world
What happens in a breathwork therapy session?

Sessions include a mix of the following: talking, breathing practices, visualisations, movement practices and sound. When the sessions are in person, they may also include touch.

Touch might convey emotional tones such as comfort or warmth. It may include pulsing, rocking, firmer touch and static holds (e.g. a hug). Or featherlight touch to bring awareness to subtle energetic qualities.

In each session, we will usually discuss an area of desired growth or difficulty in your life. We will look at how that is mirrored in the patterns of your breathing, including your posture and body too.

We will then go deeper into the enquiry, through a longer phase with more breath and less speaking. This part of the session may be done sitting or lying down. We will use embodied consent teachings, building skills to enable your agency throughout the healing process.

These embodied consent teachings are perhaps the most significant part of the work. Not only do they keep the sessions safe, they evolve a whole new set of life and relational skills.

Breathwork therapy costs:

Breathwork therapy sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours (though 2 or 2.5 hours tends to work well for this modality, when working in person). I offer a sliding scale to take account of local and international economic variations. All prices shown are per single hour.

Choose a clear commitment of investment relative to your own resources (and international exchange rates), to get the most from your work with me!

  • £40 very low income (i.e. £60 per minimum length session) *
  • £50 low income *
  • £60 average income
  • £70 higher incomes
  • £80 assistive rate **
  • Bulk breathwork therapy discount ***
  • intensives by application, minimum one day, enquire for rates
Notes on breathwork therapy session costs:

*  sessions at the two lower rates are limited and by application
** choose assistive rate if you can, to support the inclusive practice of sliding fees. You will also receive an added benefit (session follow up notes) to say thank you
*** Book and pay for 10 breathwork therapy sessions in one go, to receive a 10% discount

To book a breathwork therapy session please:
  • email me rose.jiggens at
  • call my mobile 0779 267 3021 (UK)
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