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Booking Confirmation: In-Person Session

Somatic Therapy Studio: Room 210, First Floor, Warwick Works, Downs Road, Lower Clapton, London E5 8QJ


I can confirm that your session is now booked: please read your booking confirmation email and the details below carefully, then undertake any remaining steps. If you have questions or anything changes - do get in touch - otherwise I look forward to working with you soon. 


When & How to Pay for your Session

  • When to pay: please make payment soon after you book and before your session takes place, to the details below (unless you have already payed through my online booking system).

  • Regular session attendees: you can request to setup a direct debit, pay with cash or other individualised payment plan, please enquire.

  • All: help me match payments to people by using a recognisable reference, or email me to say when and how you paid.

Bank Details

Metrobank Liverpool Street
Name: Ms C M Jiggens
Type: Personal Account
Account Number: 30316703
Sort Code: 23-05-80
IBAN: GB97MYMB23058030316703

PayPal.Me Link

PayPal Using My Email Address


Integrated online card payment system coming soon, please ask for details.


  • I require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your session. After that time your fee will be retained in full.
  • In the rare instance that I need to cancel your session: your fee will be returned in full or your session rescheduled (as you prefer). I accept no liability for additional costs you incur due to a cancellation.

Regular (weekly or fortnightly) sessions:

  • I take c.8 weeks off per year for holiday, teaching gigs and other events.
  • My current dates are listed below - please note them in your diary.
  • If you need to take breaks in your rolling session booking: you can do so within the 48 hours cancellation notice and for up to 6 weeks per year (or 4 if your session is fortnightly).
  • If you need more than 6 weeks break (or 4 if your session is fortnightly) depending upon my wait list, I may need to assign your slot to another client.

Holidays, Second Half of 2023:

I will be away and unavailable for your session in the following the weeks. If you have a rolling booking with me in your digital diary, please check it against these dates:

  • September 25th - October 6th

I have been called for 2 weeks Jury service in Sep / Oct 2023. I am currently reconfiguring my holiday dates around this unexpected time out. Please check back here or ask me for more details. 

Address & Getting There

  • Address:  Somatic Therapy Studio: Room 210, First Floor, Warwick Works, Downs Road, Lower Clapton, London E5 8QJ  – see below for more directions.
  • Text me on 0779 2673021: if you are running late or lost.
  • Public Transport: Rectory Road is the closest Overground Station (4 mins walk). Hackney Downs and Clapton Overground are also less than 15 mins walk. 
  • Bikes: There are bike racks in Amhurst Terrace.
  • Parking: Hackney Parking Zones S, R and E are all nearby: click the zones on this map to find out about the parking restrictions which are different for each zone. You can also do your research using Parkopedia.

Session Preparation and Arrival

  • You can ring the bell up to (but no more than) 5 minutes before your session start time, so that you have time to use the toilet, take your coat off and settle in.
  • There is NO waiting room.
  • If you would like to see some images of the space we will work in, you can look at those here True Self Systems @ Warwick Works.
  • Loose comfortable clothing can be helpful, especially if you are receiving table work (Transforming Touch).
  • I generally work without shoes on, you are welcome to take yours off too (but as you prefer).
  • Water, herbal teas and tissues are available in the space.
  • Please bring anything else you want to feel comfortable (e.g. a notebook, slippers, mineral water etc).

Additional Information:

Warwick Works is accessed from Downs road: as you face the black building frontage pictured below, enter through the RIGHT hand gate. At the bottom of the yard, you will see a black door and doorbell pictured below, please ring it and I will come down and let you in.

If you arrive early in the area, you can hangout locally at Jam Cafe N16, Brunswick East Bakehouse or Hackney Downs Park in the daytime. Evening options are more limited and its best to aim to arrive on time, though the quirky The Hand of Glory is nearby.


Covid19 Guidance

  • My default option is to work without wearing a mask, if you would like me to wear a mask, please let me know.
  • I keep up to date with vaccines and booster shots.
  • If you test positive for Covid19 please cancel your session (usual cancellation terms apply).
  • I currently test for Covid19 in response to symptoms or exposure to risk.
  • If I test positive: you will be offered the option to skip or reschedule in-person sessions, or to see me online (if I am well enough).

The practicalities enable your session to run smoothly, so that you can get the most from it! If you have any anxieties or fears arise before the day, be aware this is often a natural part of the process. Do feel free to email me if you have any questions: otherwise I look forward to meeting you for your session.

Rose C Jiggens

Rose C Jiggens portrait shot

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are sessions?
  • If you see me weekly - I recommend 1 hour - but some people prefer 1.5 hours.
  • If you see me fortnightly - I recommend a 1.5 hour session - but some people prefer (or can only afford) 1 hour.
  • For single standalone sessions - I recommend 1.5 hours - but some people prefer 1 hour.
  • Longer sessions are availble by negotiation.
How many sessions do I need to have?
  • I mostly work with people across more substantial periods of time, with a recurring session slot weekly or fortnightly. This has the benefit of building a strong relational container through which we can safely access deeper material for transformation.
  • A programme of work might combine both in person and online sessions: you can move flexibly between them within the same recurring session slot.
  • In longer ongoing work I often interchangeably use several modalities, in partnership and negotiation with your needs as they change.
  • Some people really benefit from a single standalone session or a very short series. This works well for illuminating a single issue or question. Single sessions are generally most appropriate for a Family Constellation or an educational piece.
  • Single sessions don't allow for building a container of relationship to facilitate attachment healing ruptures and repair. Healing your inner child / trauma sensitive breathwork / Transforming Touch: all benefit from an ongoing container of relationship to be effective.
How do I know which therapy to choose?

Sometimes which therapy to use is really clear. This maybe because you have experienced a range of healing modalities enabling you to be really clear about where to go next. Or it maybe because during the intake process, you offer a piece of information that makes it really clear to me which tool in my toolkit will be most useful to your enquiry.

Sometimes it is not so clear either to you or to me where to begin. This is where an orientation session is really useful as it gives you chance to experience some of the ways that I work. It also offers me more time to explore your enquiry in depth out of which I can make a recommendation for a plan of work.

What happens in a session?

This is a brief summary of what happens in each session type for your ease of comparison:

Family Constellations Therapy

You will be asked to complete a family tree form prior to your session (this is optional). We will spend some time talking about your themes. We will then 'constellate' using your inner vision, floor markers or small figures. I will teach you how to do this so don't worry, I have several methods and there is a right one for everybody!

Trauma Sensitive Breathwork Therapy

Where relevant I may ask you to complete a form requesting information about your birth. We will spend some time talking about your themes and then explore them more deeply by bringing attention to your body and your breath while you remain seated in your chair. Unlike other breathwork practices (e.g. holotropic) I don't use loud music and I don't ask you to lie down.

TEB: Transforming Touch & Intentional Touch:

In an introductory session I will offer you a short teaching, so you can understand how transforming touch (and intentional touch) works. We will talk about your themes and collboratively identify the things you want to transform. I will describe to you the pattern of touch and ask your permission to continue. In an intro session, the transforming touch may last 15 - 20 mins. In subsequent sessions it may last as long as 40 minutes.

Transforming touch: you lie on a massage table - clothed - and under a blanket if you like. I place my hands for 1 - 6 minutes to connect with areas of your body such as your kidney adrenals or brainstem. This is called the 7 point protocol. In time we will add 'enhancements' to this, which may include guided movements relating to primitive reflexe integration.

Transforming intentional touch: we move through the 7 point protocol and any enhancements 'intentionally'. I don't touch you, but guide the process with my voice. E.g. "I am bringing my attention now to support your kidney adrenals".

Throughout the whole process - you may opt to remain silent or continue to talk and share what is emerging for you. I will engage with the process as it unfolds for you, bringing guideance and support.

The Wheel of Consent

When learning online as an individual you will be taught solo embodied practices such as Awaken the Hands and Wheel of Consent theory too. For a description of in person sessions that include touch, please see the section Touch and Consent below. Please note that whilst these sessions include touch and discussions about desire, they do not include unclothed or sexual touch.

Soul Energy Optimisation

My work with practitioners is a mixture of practical guidance and transformational enquiry, to unite what you do best with those whom you best serve. We can use constellations or breathwork to transform blocks in your working life. Or I can guide you to develop your own branding and website, so sessions will be much more practically orientated e.g. developing design and logo, writing copy, learning how to DIY your own website.

Touch and Consent

Elements of my work may include touch - here is a summary of when / where / how:

  1. Family Constellations - the only / most likely kind of touch is hand on your shoulder to support regulation, or to embody the supportive presence of an element of the constellation. I will make a simple request or statement first.
  2. Trauma Sensitive Breathwork - my baseline is to begin with seated sessions where any touch comes from your own hands, e.g. a hand on your chest or your stomache to feel the movement of your breath. Breath coaching in subsequent sessions may include more touch. e.g. my hands on the back and front of your chest so you can breathe and feel the space in between.
  3. TEB: transforming touch follows a specific protocol that is described to you before beginning, touch follows a permission request.
  4. The Wheel of Consent Sessions - receiving clothed non sexual touch, either seated or on a massage table, maybe part of this work. From Dr. Betty Martins website, here is a video of how the seated touch would look (take / allow dynamic), and here is what the table work would look like.

Mixed Modality Sessions:

Some people approach my work clearly wanting to experience just one area of it. Others are drawn to my work because of the range of approaches that I use and sessions may be mixed modality.

Either way, how I approach sessions is strongly influenced by a Pluralistic approach that celebrates diversity. I understand that therapy is most effective when it takes account of your preferences and that an effective therapeutic relationship is characterised by collaboration, caring and trust.



In-Person Sessions

The Somatic Therapy Studio is accessed via one flight of stairs. It is a hight priority for me to move my work to a wheelchair accessible space, but unfortunately at this time, in-person work is not wheelchair accessible. 

I have experience of offering somatic and systemic work (both online and in-person), across a range of client neurodivergence and disability. If you have access needs please let me know in the intake form and we can discuss whether I am able to meet them. Here are areas of experience in my work:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sensory Processing Disorder / Issues
  • Wheelchair users (online)
  • Hard of Hearing
  • ME / CFS
How do I know you are a safe and ethical practitioner?

Safety Frameworks in Practice

I have regular supervision with DK Green Psychotherapy, I hold public liability insurance with BGI UK. I am a member of ASIS and uphold it's code of ethics, it also has a complaints process. You can see exactly what I studied and with whom, by reading my training and experience page.

Other memberships: I am part of closed regularly meeting, peer support and suppervision practitioner circle. We are called Plurilium and consist of 5 practitioners. Focus keywords of our discussions include consent, ethics, nervous system awareness, community accountability, GSRD & LGBTQIA+ practice.

When undertaking superivison, care is taken to not give details that would reveal your identity. In the rare event that my supervisor were to recognise a client via details given, the conversation would be drawn to a close and I would take that casework elsewhere.

Here are some important areas of the ASIS code of ethics:

Section 1 and 3:
You can expect me to behave in a professional manner, to conduct responsible relationships with a care to do no harm. You can expect me to be reliable in agreements forged. I recognise the importance of consent and provide a range of options for you, from which you can elect to chose to best serve your growth. At no time will you be required or coerced to participate in any activity, event or exercise.

Section 5 a-f:
Sessions are client centered and clients' boundaries are of primary importance. I understand the imbalance of power between practitioners and clients or students. I hold a care not to use that power imbalance for exploitation of any kind. Sessions are not a vehicle by which romantic sexual connection is fulfilled, either my own or that of my clients. I do not have any sexual connection with clients outside of sessions.

Please see also what happens in a session.

Your data and privacy
A disclaimer, please read:

In booking a session you understand and agree to the following:

None of the work I undertake has a scientific or medical evidence base. Whilst every effort has been made to create a safe environment for you, you also agree to undertake this work at your own risk. You agree to be reponsible for your own wellbeing, including checking in advance with suitable practitioners if this work is suitable for you. This might include:

  • Your medical practitioner / GP / doctor
  • Any psychiatric or mental health practitioners you are under the care of

If you are booking from the USA:

The definition of "therapy" used on this website accords with the common language usage of that term in the UK. Therapy in the UK denotes a rande of holistic practices that support people to experience greater well-being.