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Welcome to my blog!

It was launched with this site in 2019 and the content will grow. For now I am the only contributor, but will invite others once the space feels ready. The categories represent a statement of intent, reflecting core site wide themes and values: some are drawers ready to be filled. Below is a little more information to help you find your way around, because not everyone knows the difference between a category or a tag!



Categories indicate the main themes of this site: a combination of modalities offered and core values.



Tags offer a way to gather smaller subsets of information, or create a sub-grouping that cuts across categories.

Vanishing twin syndrome

Luciana brings a range of themes to her first session. When asked what successful outcome she would like, it would be to find a sense of inner spaciousness and peace, for her and her family. This is to become our guiding North Star for a series of sessions.

Shining a light into ancestral betrayal

The previous sessions with Lisa have focused on her desire to create community, taking us first into her female line who laboured in cotton mills, a workforce known also as the “white slaves of England”. This session opens with a new theme – that of betrayal.

Leadership - resolving conflict

Resolving conflict in the workplace

With the clock ticking we focus on insights and strategy for the imminent meeting … A few weeks later Keith contacted me again to say the constellation had played out in a shockingly accurate way.

Finding freedom of expression, the white slaves of England

Lisa holds a great capacity for creative visualisation, she is an artist after-all, but this is also a shamanic skill too. The session progresses more as shamanic journey than family constellation, which would generally call up direct family members.

Manifesting money constellation

Manifesting money: Did his Father suspecting his son not to be his own, offer a subsistence level of care no more than absolutely necessary for survival?

Psychic reading unearths hidden history

At one point I psychically scanned the diary, to gain insight into the content. From the perspective of family constellations, thoughts that seem crazy, are only ever out of context. I.e. the assumption is that there will be a person and a place within the ancestors, with whom the apparently “crazy” thoughts make sense.

Feminine power

The issue holder had previously operated a successful creative career from an “aggressive place” leading with the rallying cry “I can do it all, I will save the everyone and the world”. She had collapsed away from this path and had a period of downtime.

She was ready now to move forward again, but did not know how to move in a new “softer and more feminine” way.

The power to transform

The querent was really excited to realise rather than rejecting this ancestral power, it could be received and welcomed as a resource they might channel. The constellation ended with the querent occupying the centre of the circle, and receiving a flow of power from the ancestors, that would assist in moving ahead with their purpose.

Overcoming a creative block

The querent in her subconscious was aware of the stillborn siblings, and had a life long pattern of over compensating for their absence. She realised she was creating not just for herself – but to compensate for their missing lives. There was a sense of shame about taking “too much” because, unconsciously she felt she was taking what they should have received.