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About Rose: CV

An overview of my mentors, teachers, training and informal experience, in relation to each area of work that I offer:

1.Origins: who are your ancestors?

I completed a foundation year, then qualified as a family constellations practitioner through a second year of training, with Robert Rowlands Smith and Nicola Dunn in 2018.

Prior to this in 2016, I saw Edward Stopler for one to one family constellation sessions (at least once per month) for about two years. This experience very much informs and inspires how I work.

2. Emerging self: who are you?

I trained for two years with Firstbreath and qualified as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner in 2018. This rigorous training requires at least 400 hours workshop participation and detailed documentation of 75 client hours minimum. It is the primary framework that I use for this area of my practice.

I additionally draw on a year long practitioner foundation in Bioenergetics training 2012 / 13 plus intro weekend on character analysis for practitioners: approx 210 hours in total with John Hawken: The Paths of Transformation.

3. Embodied erotic: what’s your pleasure?

Easier to do this one as a list! Below are the main professional trainings and personal experience courses I draw upon to offer this area of my work.

Professional and extended trainings

Other CPD hours

4. Soul work: what’s your purpose?

I use constellating as my primary tool for working with people on their soul purpose. However my ability to mentor practitioners emerges from a long unfolding journey of listening for my own true self in the world of work:

Between 1996 and 2002 I gained a BA and MFA in art. I then worked for a number of years as an artist, gaining residencies and commissions around the UK, culminating in a 6 month arts council funded residency in Berlin.

I manifested off the wall projects – from installations involving hundreds of jumpers through collaborations with dancers and poets – in locations including galleries, museums and a former Victorian prison.

During this time I also taught in Newcastle, Northumbria, Gateshead and Wolverhampton Universities as a visiting lecturer. I loved working with students of all ages on their creative calling.

Between 2003 and 2011 I worked part time for a-n the artists information company. They are an artists membership body and publisher. I learned alot about adaptation and resilience with them, in the world of austerity as it hit the arts.

These experiences in the arts really enabled me to flourish in my subsequent calling as a practitioner. They taught me how to consistently listen for, follow and land successfully creative insights.

I love using this experience to help practitioners identify, shape and land practically (often through an optimised website) their deepest soul purpose!

5. Death & the mysteries

I am profoundly grateful for several long phases of spiritual mentoring:

The Shamanic Lodge: of which I was a member from 2010 till 2018. Our dance chief John Hawken passed on to us the medicine teachings of the Twisted Hair, as taught to him by Arwyn Dreamwalker. My deepest thanks goes to ALL my elders in this lodge.

My second longest phase of spiritual mentoring was with visionary and mystic Greg Branson assisted by Robin Baldock through their teachings on channelling, healing, and Enlightenment for All.

Finally, a single technique taught to me on a training The Path of the Sexual Shaman by Kenneth Ray Stubbs in 2012 – has stayed with me throughout my entire practice and remains one of the most potent things I use in sessions today.