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Rose C Jiggens: True Self guide
Rose C Jiggens
Rose C Jiggens

I am Rose: your true self guide, destination you.

What qualifies me to lead you? Well, I value transparency so here is my CV>>. Overall though, this work is the fruit of my 47 years and counting, and perhaps a few other lifetimes too. Here is a summary to help orientate:

True self systems overview

True self systems is a container for the pluralistic modalities I offer, as a true self guide. I call my work true self because at it’s heart lies one fundamental enquiry – who are you?

That enquiry often forms as questions about relationships, sexuality, creativity, work, money or purpose. We can learn (and I teach) new tools and skills, but at heart lies the desire to feel wholly at home in the world.

Systems refers to the teachings I have studied. It also hints that the self forms not as an island, but symbiotically in webs of relationship: from families and culture through to the histories of nations.

Finally systems points to the paradox of known and unknowable: the self is at once an island and everything that shapes it, from tides through to the birth of stars.

Guide I choose this job title because I like the etymology: to show the way, to see, to know, to watch after and keep guard. The best guides lead whilst allowing the experience to be yours.

I have organised my offerings into thematic areas, though each modality is capable of answering a myriad of enquiries. You can see an overview of them on the Shop page.

Rose C Jiggens: true self guide

It is natural (and wise!) when seeking guidance to ask not only about the road, but also who is pointing the way? Below are two accounts, according to what different people look for:

About Rose: a narrative journey

About Rose: training and experience CV