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The Overview

True Self Systems by Rose C Jiggens

Do you sometimes feel there is a better version of yourself hidden away waiting to shine? We feel more at ease and in love with life when our core essence is expressed somewhere in it: conversely feeling distant from this can extuinguish the joy of living no matter what we do.



About True Self Systems

What is True Self Systems?

True self systems is a container for the different therapies I offer as a true self guide. I am Rose, see below for more about me!

What is the true self?

Do you sometimes feel there is a better version of yourself (or someone else) hidden away waiting to shine? Humans often believe in an inherently good inner version of the self hidden by circumstances, it’s what we typically mean when we refer to the true self.

However it is hard from a scientific standpoint to think of the true self as something that actually exists. A Yale University review of research into the true self concluded it to be a cross cultural human phenomena. It also proved to be radically subjective and at best “a useful fiction”.

My own true self emerges through a decade long enquiry in Western Zen Enlightenment For All. That which we believe we are and that which we think we are not, all crumble under the rigorous Zen gaze.

I don’t teach Zen, but two moments of direct realisation unfolded into True Self Systems. They underpin how I use my therapeutic toolkit, supporting people to unfold everything in and about them, to see through illusions to what is real.

Because the universality of true self belief points to something tangible: a yearning for the core essence at the heart of each human being. The fiction of the true self is valuable because it points us to the soul.

This is what I learned in many hours of Western Zen responding to the instruction “be yourself”.

Systems refers to the systems teachings I have studied. It also hints that the self forms not as an island, but symbiotically in webs of relationship: from families and culture through to the histories of nations.

The self in relationship is enquired into in different ways, through all the modalities I offer. However this enquiry is most pronounced in the family and systemic constellations.

Living and thinking systemically is so fundamental to the work I offer that it needed to be in the title. Family and systemic constellations is both the least well know modality on my website – at the same time as being my most powerful Ninja tool when used appropriately.

I love how constellations approaches the formation of self in ways that are inherently systemic. Through constellations I came to understand the self not as a single entity, but more like a flute through which many tunes play. We get a chance to see in constellations who or what is playing the tune, and to become the creator.

I love how constellations point through the family narratives to the source of all life – one that passed from the beginning of the universe through the formation of life on earth through the gateway of our parents – to us.

Transpersonal enquiry can sometimes be used as an escape from local and personal narratives. Family constellations takes us directly through the gateway of our parents, our DNA and ancestors – to source. It feels very different going this way.

You don’t have to be on good terms with your parents to take the journey, and there doesn’t have to be overt narratives of trauma in order for the flow of life to be blocked.

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What are True Self Circles?

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About Rose C Jiggens

What is a True Self Guide?

I couldn’t find a job title that encapsulates what I do, so I made up my own! People have called me their therapist, teacher, healer, educator, mentor and spiritual guide.

However I chose to place the word guide at the core because I like aspects of the etymology: to show the way, to see, to know, to watch after and keep guard.

I predominantly use tools that open up “phenomonological experiences”. Each modality I use shines a light on a different aspect of human experience in embodied ways. Structures of consciousness generally invisible to us are revealed.

Guiding people through the structures of consciousness using subtley altered states is not unlike travelling. The depths plumbed within on a journey become firm roots for expansion elsewhere. Through repeated experiences that are a little out of the ordinary, reality back home can unfold in new and creative ways.

A sucessful journey takes account of things like power and nurturance levels. Some days we need to travel, other days we need to simply rest and take in the view. Throughout these journeys I am your witnessing presence and true self guide.

I began my 20’s travelling. I used night shifts in a factory to fund a long trip round China in 1991. I worked round Europe picking grapes, serving in bars and busking. I hitch hiked around a fair few of the Balkan and Baltic states too. These journeys reflect curiosity, creativity and courage.

My first vocational job was an immensely fortuitious landing: I gained EU funding for an NVQ4 apprenticeship in conservation forestry. I worked full time for a a conservation charity in the Lake District whilst training. I led many working parties laying hedges, drystone walling, doing coppicing and related crafts.

I returned to my home town of Wolverhampton in the late 90’s to care for a dying relative. I used the “pause to reflect” moment of significant bereavement to realise a long held desire to study art. I excelled in fine art studies between 1996 and 2003, gaining a first class honours degree and a Masters with merit.

I hit the ground running upon graduation with artist commissions, residencies, project management and university lecturing. I gained mid career artist prominence in the North East (my MFA was in Newcastle) culminating in a 6 month arts council funded residency in Berlin.

Much of my commissioned work created intimate experiences for and with participants. Some of these works were set in heritage sites and so explored the history of a location too.

In 2006 I moved south on the surface to seek new avenues of arts funding. Covertly, I was following a growing interest in Tantra workshops that mostly happened in London and surrounds back.

I went to my first Tantra workshop after finding a book about it in Waterstones, looking for answers to questions about sexuality. Thus began a long personal enquiry through experiences that were broadly speaking – spiritual, sexual, therapeutic or healing.

I also predominatly explored phenomenological experiences through altered states. That is I shifted attention from shaping materials, to shaping the structures and experience of consciousness.

I did this through diverse means: from intensive durational Zen meditations, through to the altered states surfing extended orgasm or breathwork.

I moved back and forth between self generated practice, workshops and professional trainings. In 2007 I created a sucessful Tantra Peer group and set up as a Tantra practitioner in 2009 through Tantra4Tigers.

I can now trace a coherent narrative through a very broad swathe of research interests. Some teachers to made negative allusions to the magpie; they are indeed “very inquisitive birds” who “do pick up all sorts of things to explore them”.

I am glad now I did not let myself be deflected from an innate curiosity with regards to discovering the truth of things. My eclectic path comes into singular focus through True Self Systems; here I arrive home and find there is a place for every piece along the way.


My hero is the TV detective Columbo, he is the secret weapon spirit guide for my work. He counsels me to attend quietly to insignificant details that unravel a crime.

I particularly call on him when what’s been murdered is someones joy: solving this particular crime gives me great pleasure indeed! I promise I will never smoke a cigar in your session though.

My favourite things as a child were dogs, the dresses my mom made me, riding my bike, beaches and the sea. Drawing, singing and dancing make me happy too. First I wanted fervently to be a nun: then for many years a lorry driver, also a writer and journalist.

It is amazing how little changes – in some way it’s all there in the beginning.

I used to sit on my swing trying to recall how big the universe is. I would get giddy feeling for the edges, swinging hard to propel a visceral experience of my thoughts.

I recall making a vow to never forget how big the universe is AND how astonishing it is that I can know this. I swore to recall both facts when things felt painful and bleak.

I am happy to say that promise has served me very well.

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