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About True Self Systems

Why is your work called True Self Systems?

True self: I consciously chose this term along with its complexity and contradiction. The belief in an inherently moral true self spans cultures, it is a verifiable human driver shaping choices regarding self and others.

However it is hard from a scientific standpoint to think of the true self as something that actually exists – a Yale University review of research concluded the true self to be radically subjective and at best – a useful fiction1.

My own true self experience emerges from a decade long participation in the Western Zen Enlightenment For All. This dyad meditation uses the statement “be yourself” as a call to fully communicate the direct experience of enlightenment.

Both that which we believe are – and that which we most vehemently think we are not – crumbles under the consistent Zen dyad gaze. Ones core essence emerges through the dissolution of rigorous enquiry.

Enlightenent intensives are rooted in a deep esoteric wisdom, whilst also being eminently practical and reality orientated. I don’t teach Zen, but two direct realisation experiences had therein unfolded over several years, to underpin the work I offer through true self systems.

Systems refers to the teachings I have studied. It also hints that the self forms not as an island, but symbiotically in webs of relationship: from families and culture through to the histories of nations.

This intersection between self and the unique locus in which we form, fundamentally shapes our experiences of embodiment and agency. To dismiss the search for the true self as a fictional quest, perhaps hints at the smoothing of priviledge between inner and outer worlds.

The systems of therapy I have chosen to offer are those which were most effective in my own true self search. Each has its own purpose and together they are an awesome tool kit. I talk more about how I use them under the next tab “true self guide”.


What is a True Self Guide?

Guide I couldn’t find a job title that encapsulates what I do so I made up my own! I chose this word because I like aspects of the etymology – to show the way, to see, to know, to watch after and keep guard.

To guide is to both lead and follow, for the experience belongs with the one who has invited it. There is a balance between edges and comfort to be struck, being in unfamiliar territory is not wholly without risk.

People have called me their therapist, teacher, healer, educator, mentor and spiritual guide. Witnessing presence is at the core of any effective therapeutic practice. I have learned that power and nurturance qualities need to have individual volume dials, to be turned up and down for the perfect mix.

In my working day I am most often to be found:

Being present with the difficult bits and turning detective to help you solve them. 
Family and systemic constellations

Providing a container for feelings and helping you to understand them rebirthing & breathwork

Weaving a therapeutic and educative space for your embodied pleasure somatic sex therapy

Calling forth soul work then rolling up sleeves to help you deliver it soul energy optimisation


What are True Self Circles?

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About Rose C Jiggens

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I began my 20’s travelling. I used night shifts in a factory to fund a long trip round China, when much of it was still closed to tourists. I worked round some of Europe picking grapes and serving in bars. I used busking and hitching to get round a fair few of the Balkan and Baltic states.

The first job to quell my wanderlust was an immensely lucky landing: I gained EU funding for an NVQ4 apprenticeship in conservation forestry. I worked full time for the BTCV in the Lake District whilst training. I led many working parties laying hedges, drystone walling, coppicing and related crafts.

I left in the late 90’s to care for a dying relative. I used the “pause to reflect” moment of significant bereavement to realise a long held desire – to study at Art School. I excelled in undergraduate and post graduate fine art studies, funded largely by working as a care assistant for MENCAP and privately.

I hit the ground running upon graduation with artist commissions, residencies, project management and university lecturing. Much of my commissioned work created intimate experiences for and with participants. Some of these works were set in heritage sites and so explored the history of a location too. I gained mid career artist prominence in the NE, culminating in a 6 month arts council funded residency in Berlin.

Following this I moved south overtly following arts funding and work. Covertly I was also following a growing interest in Tantra workshops that happened in London and surrounds. Thus began a long personal enquiry through experiences that were broadly speaking – spiritual, sexual, therapeutic or healing.

My interest persisted in exploring what I would broadly describe as phenomenological experiences. I shifted my attention from shaping materials to shaping the structures and experience of consciousness. I did this through diverse means: from intensive durational Zen meditations, through to the altered states surfing extended orgasm or breathwork.

I moved back and forth between self generated exploration, personal growth workshops and professional trainings: until I had enough experience to launch as a Tantra practitioner through Tantra4Tigers (2009-18). I continued on gathering professional trainings and experiences following my research interests.

This eclectic path comes into singular focus through True Self Systems. I can now trace a coherent narrative through a broad spectrum gathering – one which led some of my teachers to make negative allusions to the magpie.

Magpies are indeed “very inquisitive birds” who “do pick up all sorts of things to explore them”. In that sense I am now glad I did not let myself be deflected from an innate curiosity with regards to discovering the truth of things!

Here is a narrative I can now trace that comes into focus through True Self Systems:

It all begins with travel, my first attempt to shift out of ordinary consciousness and experience something extra ordinary.

Many years of care work was a powerful grounding for what was later to become a therapeutic practice. Intimacy and professionalism rolled into one: space holding for an individuals vulnerability, whilst noticing and cultivating where power lies.

A friend and esteemed psychotherapist colleague of mine, notes with positive regard my primary education in the arts. He credits this with bringing originality and creative insight to my practice.

It has bought a great deal otherwise – including my ability to quickly learn new software and design a website like this one! Skills I share through my Soul Energy Optimsation work with practitioners – my arts education gave me confidence in many realms.

Finally – with a satisfying full circle feeling – this website resurfaces the environmentalism of my first lucky break job. A therapy practice doesn’t make sense (to me) without referencing perhaps the most pressing crisis of our time.

Situating my work within the narrative of climate change and resultant extinctions, enables me to continually ask how I might engage as a social change maker through my current skills set.

My hero is the TV detective Columbo, he is the secret weapon spirit guide for my work. He counsels me to attend quietly to insignificant details that unravel a crime.

I call on him when what’s been murdered is someones joy: restoring this gives me great pleasure indeed! I promise I will never smoke a cigar in your session though 😉

My favourite things as a child were dogs, cakes, beaches and the sea. Drawing, singing and dancing make me happy too. It is amazing how little changes, it’s all there in the beginning.

I used to sit on my swing trying to recall how big the universe is. I would get giddy feeling for the edges, swinging hard to propel a visceral experience of my thoughts.

I recall making a vow to never forget how big the universe is AND how astonishing it is that I can know this. I swore to recall both facts when things felt painful and bleak.

I am happy to say that promise has served me very well.

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  1. The True Self: A Psychological Concept Distinct from the Self.
    Nina Strohminger, Joshua Knobe, George Newman. Yale University – Association for Psychological Science
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